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There is no one in the world with whom we would be so good.
Katyushka begins to moan, and the waves of orgasm again swayed inside me.
Only this time it is not waves, it will be a real tsunami.

And he does not keep himself waiting long.
We both cry frantically, when, with the next push of my dick, an explosion of orgasm erupts from somewhere inside.
I feel how my cock burst blows spilling out, inside Katkina pussy sperm and we both freeze, listening to the last moments of a subsiding orgasm.
At that moment

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I decide to forgive her everything.
That summer I said goodbye to the post of the Chief Editor of a regional newspaper.
The conflict with the “sponsors” from the regional government was the last straw, and I, slamming the door, left my post.
Having received weekends and vacation pay, I didn’t seem to be upset about what happened, I decided that it was time to do my dissertation.
No sooner said than done.
A pickup truck was taken from a friend, the necessary things were collected.
By that time, my uncle, who worked as a huntsman in one of the hunting farms, came down with paralysis of the right half of his body, and the children brought him to him for treatment.
I gladly accepted their invitation to follow the farm, and slowly began to settle in a small house in a deep forest.

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There was not even electricity in it, so I had to bring a diesel generator to power the computer, and he threshed in the barn on warm evenings, allowing me to work on scientific work.
That evening I was returning from the district center, where I bought food for the next week of autonomous navigation.
A light instrumental was flowing from the speakers, tires were rustling on uneven asphalt, and there were almost no cars.
Fog was already gathering in the valleys and near the little rivers.
It was getting dark.
Suddenly, the lights snatched from the gloom a figure voting on the sidelines.
In our area, passing by is not accepted, so we had to stop.
What was my surprise when the girl opened the door and asked: “Uncle, do you throw to the city?”
Well, what could I do, of course I planted it.
Touched, I squinted at her.
The girl is clearly frozen, I turned on the stove warmer.
She was like no more than ten or eleven, most likely nine years old.
Black hair squares, battered sweater, old knee-length skirt, and woolen tights.
Widocq is still that! – What city are you in? – I asked.
– In Alekseevsk – the girl said quietly and hid her face in her hands, as if warming them up.
– Yeah – I nodded – and then what’s your name? – Katya – she answered even more quietly.
– And to whom are you going? I asked, frowning harder and harder.
– To Grandma.
the girl said very quietly.
For some time we drove in silence.
All that the girl told me was a complete lie, believe me, in ten years of journalistic work, I learned to feel a lie.
I occasionally looked at her.
I will not lie that at that moment I did not think of her as a sexual object.
The first thing I thought was, from where, on a deaf district road in the middle of the forest, was there such a little girl? Yes, the very first drunk tractor driver will rape her, or, for example, I might turn out to be a maniac! Anal play cam.

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