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And on the second, when the feet just itched, she still broke me off.
Twisting the nipples overcame, trying not to look at her, but as I got to the eggs, that’s all, Khan.
Snatched, teased.

Familiar energetic compression, lump in the throat, treacherous thought: “She will make you now!” As it was later noted in the protocol: brought to orgasm by painful impact on the testicle.
It seemed to be already free – no, trampled back into the mud.

– They probably give a premium for it.
“Maybe I don’t know.”
I asked: why did you do it? Answer: just wanted to break your resistance !.
And the eyes of the most cunning !.
It is easy for her to say that, being completely safe.
I ask: I am now in prison for four years, to scumbags.
You know that? Answer: Of course, it will be useful for you.
And she left, only “material evidence” remained – a photo of a hand with a bracelet, giving out sperm from my eggs.
Four years will “kiss” this picture.
– How can I get a man to finish apart from his desire? – Easily.
Believe, don’t believe, but even when there is a vrazhina in front of you, you can’t do anything.

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In general, I think, the spouse advises them, she studied me well.
The next day, he was transferred to a punishment cell, upon the violation of internal discipline, then to another zone.
There, they say, there was a fight with other scumbags.
But before leaving, he was able to talk with me: – You know, bro, I don’t hope to get out of the zone, and your term ends in two weeks, I beg you, buy my wife flowers and a good gift on March 8, I’ll give you money , accumulated cash here !.
Do not say that a gift from me, but it will not accept.
Frankly, I liked his wife, a pleasant beautiful woman, although she was a snitch, but what is that to me? They have their own disassembly.
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