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But I drank not for the first time, however, before that it had never occurred to me to suck someone’s dick.
And I did it.
And I can not say that I was disgusted to remember this.

But it was somehow scary, anxious and.
hell, excited: my lower abdomen again nicely ached.
In the evening Tengiz called.
He was indignant that we did not wait for him, and he bought outfits for Katya and ordered us a romantic dinner in a restaurant.
I didn’t know what to say to him, so I said that I couldn’t talk now, and cowardly turned off the mobile phone.
A day later, thoughts of new adventures with Tengiz and memories of my experiences became a fix idea for me.
During sex with Kate, I talked to her every time about this topic, she kept up the conversation, but no more.
This upset me, but I did not give up.
Two days later, Tengiz called again, said that he would stay in the city for three more days, and then return here only after two weeks.
I replied that Katya did not want to meet yet, you need to try it later.
Then the insistent lover asked for Kati’s phone number, but I told him.
refused and his calls all day no longer answered.
The next time Tengiz called back in two weeks.
He insisted that I give Katy’s phone number to speak with her.
I either did not pick up the phone, or tried to gently “flash” it.
My wife also upset me: she refused to go on repeated experiments not only with Tengiz, but also, in general, with someone, explaining that she didn’t need any extra problems.
And in bed, during sex, she repeatedly repeated that she would like to surrender to Tengiz again. Hidden cam girl squirting.

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