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Lesbian boobs webcam. The lady threw a look at the rapist, full of prayer, and barely audibly answered: – Ladies’ underwear.
– I can not hear! Repeat what you mumbled there! – Ladies underwear! – the captive answered louder.
The criminals giggled merrily.
– Well, what is it, is your underwear? Thongs, tango? Describe your cowards to us! We are also interested! Never have a woman so humiliated.

Even those peteushnits seemed in comparison with these boundless, innocent lambs.
Sholpan Damirovna understood that she would have to go through this humiliation, so that the criminals would not ask her more such degrading questions, she replied: “Under the skirt I wear ladies’ snow-white knee-length pantaloons.

My pantaloons are embroidered on the sides and edges of lace patterns, – For the first time, Sholpan Damirovna saw ladies’ pantaloons in her distant childhood, when she was seven years old.
Her Cousin, who went to the ninth grade, during some kind of childish play, fell unsuccessfully back to the floor, causing a long skirt to rip up and Sholpan saw thin pink panties that reached the knees.

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And then she saw pantaloons of the same style in lingerie stores.
Well, in his youth, Sholpan read out novels about the lives of secular, rich women who lived in the 18th and 19th centuries.
And in these novels they also described long, floor-length skirts and bottom luxury lingerie.
Under the influence of these novels, young Sholpan formed such a style in clothes and underwear.
Of course, Sholpan Damirovna wore and panties, both lace and simple, but if she was in a good mood, then she dressed like a real noble lady.
On that June morning, Sholpan Damirovna woke up in a good mood, which is why she dressed so elegantly.
The lady was in a good mood, because the night before her influential acquaintances promised to help with a bank loan to complete the construction of a dwelling house.
– Yes, you are just a superbook! – Ninka snealed when the lady told about her underwear, – Never before have I fucked fillies who dress like you!
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