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During classes with my teacher, I should be

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missing panties.
In this case, it is desirable that I stop wearing panties a few days before the start of classes.
The main reason why I am forbidden to wear them is the use of my beloved spanking teacher as a punishment.

She usually uses a belt or leash for this purpose.
Although in those special days when I wear a beautiful white dress instead of a strict form or a shirt with a skirt similar to it, my affectionate teacher uses a leather whip with several tails instead of a belt.
And when the governess manages to get real birch rods, or at least willow, the teachers have a real festival of flogging.
And I have black shoes on my legs, sometimes with heels or a long stiletto.
A hairstyle usually consists of two braids or tails.
In addition to the above, I should be brightly made up during the lesson, especially the sponge.
Since after spanking I have to kiss my teacher’s hand.
And in the footsteps of my lipstick, those who follow the work of my governess will be able to determine whether I am polite.
Another reason that I am obliged to brightly make up the sponges is the need to drink tea during the break between classes, so as to keep my lips pressed so as not to leave marks on the pristine white porcelain tea cups.
What is closely watching my favorite governess, which cuts me at the first trace.
And so that I would not forget to press my lips, sitting on a stool, I lift the hem of the dress and sit with my bare ass on a stool, on which a leather whip or belt rests, and I sit so that my ass comes into contact with it.

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In addition to spanking, the teacher has another way to influence.
If I’m not trying hard enough, they’ll first ask me to bring a belt, then I have to lift my skirt.
Sometimes they ask me to keep the hem of the dress itself and stand straight.
But usually I am attached with a chain collar to a ring in the wall.
At the same time, depending on my previous successes, the collar is put on me before class (if last time I tried not enough), or after I became confused.
And after whipping, I have to kiss the belt, And if it is white, then in that case there should be a trace of my lipstick on it.
Next, I have to rinse my cheeks with them and rub my nose on it and smell the skin, the smell of which should cause the desire to caress the governess.
After the described ritual, a belt or a whip is placed under my skirt so that it is between my skirt and my ass.
If I’m not trying hard enough with the inflamed ass, under which the belt lies, then the teacher puts me on a leash.
After that, she dresses me up in an outfit, cat girls, which consists of an ultra short skirt, or short shorts.
And also a blouse.
After that, holding me on a leash, the governess makes me lick her hands, shoes and feet.
Not forgetting to spank the belt.
At this time I am forbidden to rise from my knees.
Sometimes before a given punishment, while changing clothes, they change my hairstyle from two tails or pigtails; they make one tail looking at the bottom, or a braid.
After that, I have to, with my hands, hold on to the tail or braid, my hands are fixed with shackles.
The punishment lasts as long as I, with my humiliating position, deliver the full enjoyment of the governess.
After that, they put me in such a form as I was kneeling on my knees for a musical instrument, and fastened with a chain to the wall.
When she was dragged in, I did not know that she was a snitch – it was only later that the Owl told us: boys, you can do with her what you want, just don’t kill – we will sit down, they say.
The boys covered her in the entrance and dragged – sneakers on the way fell off and she was wearing white socks, a skirt of some kind and blue blouse.
I don’t know about the bra; On the face of a pretty girl, black-haired, with black eyes, lips plump.
She was scared of course. Lesbian webcam online.

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