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Live hindi sex chat. Pride and gratitude (it’s nice after all, damn it, that such a charming woman does not disdain you!) Overwhelmed me, and I grabbed my girlfriend and passionately kissed her on such sweet and skillful lips.
My lips smelled of cum, but it was MY sperm, and it was especially nice! – Where did you learn such amazing technique? – I asked, admiring these seemingly so innocent, plump, almost childish sponges, which had just so much milked my cock.
– Where where.
– embarrassed the girl – at home! In addition to her husband, I did not deal with this with anyone.

And in general, I didn’t do anything with anyone.
Until now, I have been a very faithful and decent wife.

You seduced me.
“Rather, you seduced me,” I smiled gently, “half a hour ago I had nothing in my thoughts.
But I am infinitely glad that everything happened so! “Me too,” she said suddenly calmly, looking at me with her radiant eyes.
I was even a little embarrassed.
– And his sperm also swallowed? – I returned to the interrupted topic.
– What are you !!! – she even recoiled a little, frightenedly throwing her beautiful eyes on me.
– I do not know what happened to me today!

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You must be a sorcerer.
– Are you dissatisfied? – Do not you see? – again flushed girl.
– “Satisfied” is not the right word.
I’m on top of bliss! I’ve never been to this before.
I’m just happy, she whispered, and now she herself clings to my lips with the sweetest kiss.
– What about her husband? – I continued the “interrogation” after our mouth opened.
– Husband, husband.
Crabbed pears! – Her mood changed at once.
– He thinks only of himself.
Our act lasts no more than five minutes, and without any preludes on his part, after which he turns to the wall and after another five minutes he snores, and I go to the bath and finish the work started by him.
Live hindi sex chat.

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