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The door opened, and Miranda came into the cabin.
She was wearing a tight black and white suit, emphasizing the flawless figure.
Miss Lawson was the secret object of desire of the male half of the crew of the Normandy, however, only Shepard managed to fuck her.

They say the screams were from her cabin.
– Gryunt? Can we talk? The crogan’s piercing blue eyes examined her face.
– It depends on what he said.
“About your DNA samples.”
“No,” Gryunt replied sharply.
– Maybe all the same.
– I said “No! Only from my corpse.
I won’t let Cerberus stamp people like me.
– No, Gryunt, this is for your own good.
– For my own good ?! Fine! Then explain to me what’s wrong with me ?! He turned to face her and yanked on his shirt, left alone in his pants.
– My body burns! Live weather cam nassau bahamas.

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