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Vovka’s fingers, having finally overcome the folds of the fabric, have finally completely penetrated the pant leg and captured the Sankina scrotum.
Sasha flinched slightly, but the eye, slybryuga, did not open! Vovkina brush, being almost completely in Sasha’s pants, began to walk through the crotch.
Vovka felt how hot Sasha was with TAM.

At first, he began to run his fingers over the pubis, playing with his newly emerging vegetation.
Not numerous hairs were still short and very soft, and under them felt soft smooth skin.
Then Vovkin’s fingers met on the scrotum and tried to take the bag in his palm.
Vovka felt that Sasha began to tremble excitedly, with difficulty continuing to portray sound sleep.
The tempter continued his work! He began to stroke his testicles in a circular motion.
That one, then another.
He tried to penetrate even lower with his fingers, moving under the scrotum inward, closer to the anus.
Sasha began to characteristically snort.
Vovka left the scrotum and switched to the trunk.
He grabbed it at the base and squeezed tight enough.
“Wow, how hot he is!” – thought Vovka.
He began to slowly climb the trunk trying to get to the head, but tight panties and shorts did not leave room for the game.
Vovka left Sashkin a member and pulled his hand out of his pants.
Sasha reacted with a slight sigh and a barely noticeable expression of frustration and dissatisfaction on his face.
Vovka put his palm on top of Sashkin’s shorts and began to knead with his hands standing up.
Sashka moaned softly.
After making sure that everyone in the front seats was busy with his own business and was not up to them, Vova increased the intensity of his movements.

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Sasha fidgeted, trying to cope with the growing excitement.
This only added to the excitement of Vovka, and he even more persistently began to knead Sashkin’s head and penis through shorts.
Suddenly, Sasha felt terrified.
(oh, mom!) the situation is getting out of control.
He abruptly opened his eyes in dismay and grabbed Vovkin’s brush from above, trying to stop him, but.
late literally a split second! The convulsions of orgasm began to shake Sashkin’s body.
He bit his lips and squeezed his groin muscles with all his strength, trying to stop an eruption that had already begun.
Not looking at all the desperate efforts, Sasha continued to cum, throwing sperm straight into panties.
He watched helplessly as a wet, oozing spot was growing on shorts under Vovkina’s hand, and a dark, wet divorce was spreading over the shorts.
– Pancake! – Sasha said with displeasure through his teeth and helplessly threw his head back, looking somewhere in the ceiling.
Vovka shone triumphantly! He leaned toward an annoyed friend and whispered mischievously in his ear.
I knew you were awake! Hose! Sasha at that moment was trying to deal with his emotions.
On the one hand, he wanted to move Vovka properly for this setup, on the other hand, he himself is to blame – it was necessary to stop this beast in time! And it turned out that as though he himself was a fool, his pants were divorced from his own sperm, not strangers.
Sasha could forgive everything, but this brazen mocking tone, it was too much! – Right now, how to move you, durilo! Sleep, do not sleep! So what should I do now? Pancake! – Sasha whispered in a whisper, pointing to an impressive spot on the shorts.
– Do not worry – Vova whispered playfully.
– We’ll come up with something! – We will think up! How do I get out of the car so handsome now? At best, they will think that they are pissed! – Sasha did not let up.
– what are the proposals then? “Let me ask you for a bottle of water,” Vovka began whispering in Sasha’s ear.
– And when I will serve her, I’ll spill you on your pants.

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Good for you? We have almost reached the turn from the road to the Wilts.
During this time, the water certainly does not dry out, and when you arrive, you will get out of the car and calmly go to transfer your pants, doused with water. Livejasmin login.

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