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Mom sits on the couch, says: now, they will make you an enema and go home.
The nurse next door says the same thing, like affectionately.
It adds something like this, it does not hurt, children all like enemas.

But the word “make an enema” is not entirely clear to me.
Until Then another nurse comes in her hands with an orange canister with a black tip.
She, too, is benevolent, says something like the fact that the enema does not hurt.
Mom at this time pulls off my pants.
My butt was naked; there are two unfamiliar aunts in the room, but for some reason I do not feel ashamed.
A nurse at this time fills a can with water, comes up from behind and asks to lie down on her stomach and push her ass apart (but I don’t remember exactly).
Something outsider gently enters there, but it goes so slowly, as if slightly twisting.
So gently touches the walls of the priests, slides further into the hole.
I even instinctively did not squeeze the ass.
And I was not scared.
– Spread the legs, let the water from the enema go to the tummy – I hear a voice over myself. Online watch hot sex video.

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