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We threw her on the floor and began to stomp; and then Titus brought waders and we trampled her in turn, crushing her heels to her bare breasts and fingers.
All this, in short, tired.
We left her in the bathroom and turned on the icy water.

And they themselves went to another room to the Owl; there we smoked and drank the vodka brought by Titus.
The owl walked for a long time between us; we were tired of the water, the blows, and the Owl was naked and fresh, and her hands so tenderly disturbed our members.
And now our faithful girlfriend knelt before me.
Her hips were in front of my face, she smelled of shampoo.
And I admiringly first touched the lips of the sin of our girlfriend, then taking my lips more and more to her bare groin, I did get to her crack.
And the warm legs of our faithful Owl began to move, and I drowned in passion to disturb her body.
Meanwhile, the beaten Larisa still managed to get out of the bathroom and crawl out onto the landing, crawling down the spit-stepped steps.
We caught up with her on the court; Titus again beat her cruelly and we threw her into the bathroom.
The girl was lying on the bottom, her back and legs were in bruises and hickeys, there was a golden fluff on her calves in the blood.
Only the buttocks remained intact.
And then Owl, smiling, pushed Titus to the bath, with thin fingers touching his penis.
And Titus understood.
He climbed into the bathroom, fell on beaten Larisa.
And shoved a member who had gotten up with a stake between her white, intact buttocks.
The poor thing tried to get up and screamed.
And our girl, too, climbed into the bath to them and hugged, smiling, Titus, her sharp breasts teased him, and Owl, looking at him with a smile, now clung to him, then pulled away.

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Loha’s eyes glittered and we then began to cut the initial letters of our surnames on the skin of Larissa’s buttocks; “L” turned out to be simple, but I had to tinker with “T”.
The girl no longer screamed, blood flowed down her thighs, and after that she became uninteresting to no one.
We put a rag between her legs so that blood would not flow and leave.
I woke up with an owl.
She was asleep and moisture was still on her chest; the phone rang.
I picked up the phone, called Lokhin, said that someone had passed us and that he was winding up.
As I later learned, he also did not have time.
I woke Owl; She dressed when the cops came to our entrance.
I have been fascinated with the topic of binding in general and self-binding in particular for a long time – since childhood.
Then it somehow forgot everything, study and work, and then the girls pushed the thematic pranks into the background, and I happily lived a normal average

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Completely inadvertently, I once came across a site where lovers of binding communicated.
Forgetting everything, I read the story after story right in the workplace.
The member stood like a stone and didn’t smoke, because of the pants trousers.
Long-forgotten erotic experiences flooded with such force that at the end of the reading of the next story I decided that the self-binding session this weekend would be.
Fortunately, it was just on Thursday, and the weekend came quickly.
Thursday evening I spent on the purchase of necessary things, and by Friday everything was perfectly ready.
But, alas, I had to spend Friday evening unplanned – one of my colleagues had a birthday, and I came home only late at night.
I woke up only by noon, and for some time lay motionless, savoring and pondering the details of the upcoming entertainment.
At home, except for me, there was no one and it was not foreseen – I was currently living alone.
He himself stood a little apart from everyone else, at the end of the street, and there was no need to fear the curious neighbors’ views across the fence.
Moreover, the bedroom was in the back room, whose windows overlooked the courtyard and the forest behind it. Read sex stories online free.

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