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Witchcraft rushed into a defenseless, as it seemed, being.
Then it all happened in a matter of seconds.
Darkness stretched out her hand with a bulging index finger.

Three tentacles, one through the right shoulder, the second through the left, and the third from the bottom, slipping between the legs, met with their tips on the raised finger.
Flashing and spitting black lightning, a sphere of dark haze gathered there, about three times more than the elementalist had thrown.
Then, with an invisible stroke, she cut through the attack of the brothers and hit them, bursting with a bud of impenetrable darkness.
From the base of each process came out in a strange thing, in the form resembling a fish skeleton, only each bone slowly moved, as if raking something into itself.
– Oooh, you’re still alive, how interesting.
My attack had to drink from you all my life in less than a second.
Without answering, the brothers rushed to the melee, sensibly judging that they could not win in a magical exchange of fire.
Especially in such a narrow space.
Seeing the weapon flashed in the hands of the guys, Darkness giggled again and looked at the hands.
They immediately changed, becoming long and thin, like needles, claws, without a hint in the palm of

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your hand.
First, jumping off the table and shattering it to smithereens, Wurm swooped down on her, dropping two bastard swords at once on the frail body.
That playfully took on their claws.

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There was a metallic clank and sparks flew.
– Come on! – The dragon barked, putting all his strength into the attack, so that the opponent could not move.
From behind Wurm, Vard jumped out and aimed at the defenseless belly.
One of the tentacles deftly bent and sent a translucent scattered beam straight into the face of the guy, throwing him to the starting position and, it seems, knocking the whole spirit out of him.
At least he no longer rose.
From this tentacle, a little closer to the tip, another process emerged.
Having fun to look at the defeated enemy, the beast turned its attention to the dragon still trying to overcome it.
– You.
all open.
– Suddenly, in a deep and hollow voice, the opponent said and pushed the dragon away with ease, forcing him to part his arms.
An elusive movement and claws slashed his chest crosswise, cutting solid scales like paper.
This was followed by a turn around its axis and a kick that caused Wurm to repeat his brother’s flight.
And then another ball flew out of the darkness.
The darkness had already turned away, losing interest in what she thought were dead, but then she heard a rustle.
As it turned out, the seemingly weak and safe girl, who had been watching the fight all this time, took her shot at the hilt of a tiny dagger.
– That’s how, – the beast tweeted, – This is already something.
– Dalya.
Run! – Wurm said hoarsely, rising to his feet.
– Thank you for saving, and now run away from here! – NOT! – With tears in her eyes, the girl screamed and threw herself at the creature, fascinated by the dismantling that had been watching all this time.
– I SAVED HER! – Here is a fool! – growled dragon and rushed after.
Deciding to let me take a closer look, Darkness watched relaxedly, but when she tried to grab the impudent wench, a green lightning flashed by the hand.
Blade defended his mistress.
The blade, only a few inches long, dug into the flesh, just above the heart.
And behind him already screeching, cutting the air, winged swords.
“If he gets, then I will have some problems” – Darkness thought, but the body did not listen well due to the influence of the strange weapon of the girl. Sex for cam.

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