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Mom drank tea, turned to me and asked me to evaluate the installation that had just been done.
I said that the hairstyle is wonderful, but I myself, as if by chance, covered my hands with my groin so that my mother would not notice anything.
But the strange position of my hands apparently betrayed me headlong.

My mother lay down on the bed, turning to me, straightened her robe and offered to lie down beside me.
I climbed onto the bed with my legs, turned to face my mother and tried to exorcise the beauty from the thought of the magazine.
– Sash, do you like girls from your class? – asked mom – Well, so: I don’t communicate with them very much.
– I replied – Well, have you already kissed anyone? – Mom did not lag behind.
– Yah! Kisses for girls! – So kissed or not? – did not give up mom.
– No, mom.
But I do not want.
– Well, maybe you just do not know how, that’s why you do not want? – I can.
– Well, kiss me.
– Well, I’m a girl to kiss? – Well then, I’ll kiss you.
– said mom and reached out to me.
Generally, I spoke sincerely and at that time I considered kisses to be a lot of girls, so I pulled away from my mother.
But she did not stop, moved closer to me and tried to kiss me.
I resisted.
A struggle ensued, I pushed off with her hands, shook my head from side to side, not giving her the opportunity to catch my lips with his lips, tried to turn over on her stomach, hiding her face in the sheets, but she also did not give up and tried in every way to complete what she had begun.

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In the end, she sat down on top of me, holding me with her hips in the pelvic region so that I could not roll over, while during the fight I felt with my excited member through the fabric of my underwear and tights as he rubs against my mother’s panties.
I grabbed my hands around the wrists with my own hands, lifting them over my head, and her lips painted up with scarlet lipstick were trying to catch mine.

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But since I constantly shook my head from side to side, her attempts were not successful.
Finally, she tracked down, took both my hands by the wrists in one hand, released her second hand, grabbed my chin, turned my face to me, pressed my fingers on my cheeks to open my mouth, lay on me with my whole body so that did not twitch and dug his lips into mine.
I closed my eyes and felt the touch of my mother’s lips to hers, her tongue penetrated into me, caressing my tongue in circular movements.
I tried to answer her and caress her tongue with my tongue.
Seconds seemed like an eternity.
Having finished the kiss, my mother lifted her head, looked at me, then leaned back to me, tickled my lips with her tongue, I opened my mouth, inviting her to a kiss, and she kissed me gently, tenderly.
The kiss lasted a long time and I no longer resisted, concentrating on my feelings.
And then I felt like a mom, kissing me, rubbing her crotch on my got up to his full height member.
After finishing the kiss, my mother stood up, sitting astride me.
Her hairstyle was disheveled during the struggle, a robe on her chest opened the hollow between her breasts, her robe opened her rounded thighs, she looked very sexy.
Following my gaze, she straightened her robe and got down from me.
A hillock in my groin area opened to her gaze.
I was shy and tried to cover him with my hands.
– Arms! – mom roughly shouted at me – Hands removed! I frightened, put his hands on the bed.
Mom was breathing heavily, not yet recovering from the struggle.
In addition, the fight with me was more like a rape and apparently it is very excited.
But then I did not understand it.
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