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Make your conversation heard by Kate.
Talk to her about her needing to sleep with me.
I think that after everything that we will do tomorrow, she will not be able to refuse.

If everything is according to my plan, then the day after tomorrow morning we will meet with you (I’ll tell you where to drive), and in the evening Katya will meet with me.
Yes, I need photos tomorrow morning.
Tengiz’s plan was not completely clear to me, and I strongly doubted the well-being of its outcome.
But Tengiz was so convincing that I did not argue with him.
We drank on the road, and Damir’s car took me home.
In the morning I sent the most outspoken Katina photos to Tengiz, otppavilsya to work and looked forward to the evening.
In the evening, when I returned home, Katya looked somehow depressed, answered my questions absently: it was evident that she was somewhere far away in her thoughts.
At about 10 o’clock in the evening my boss called me: – Hello, Dima.
We urgently need to meet.
– Good evening, Sergey Ivanovich.
I’m at home now, but I can.
– Be at home, I’ll call right now.
We have to talk.
After 20 minutes, my chief rushed in (you can’t find another word).
We went to the living room, Katya poured us tea, and I asked her not to leave, but to sit with us: – I have no secrets from my wife, unless of course this is not a state secret – I tried to joke, but, most importantly, I wanted for Katya to hear our conversation (as agreed with Tengiz).
– No, this is not a state secret, – the chief continued in the same tone, – Honestly, I do not know the details myself, the most important thing is the essence of the matter and your agreement in principle.
– I listen carefully.
– In short, a large construction company from Moscow comes to our region. Aarizona webcam nude.

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