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But all her attempts to escape only excited Ashot and he finished it.
Leaving her lying on the couch, we went to the table.
Ashot had begun to apologize that he was rude to Nata, but I interrupted him.

Having said that I have been getting a huge thrill a long time ago if someone fucks my wife roughly during my time and does not pay attention to me.
Yes, and there were few.
Ashot smiled and after drinking wine he asked if he could fuck my wife roughly.
To which I agreed and said that he did not pay much attention to her requests, and if I consider that, the border has already been overcome, then I will tell him.
We agreed and Ashot went for Nata.
He carried her in his arms and laid her on the edge of the table and told us to hold her arms and legs.
He also blindfolded her and took the leather wide strap of the snow and whipped between her legs.
Nata shuddered and tried to escape, but we squeezed her stronger and spread her legs wider.
Ashot slowly whipping my wife between my legs, his blows became stronger and stronger.
Then he sharply thrust his dick into Nata and grabbing her legs, stretching them to the sides, began to fuck my wife roughly.
Nat tried to escape, but in her scream I heard notes of pleasure.
Having fucked from about two minutes Ashot abruptly pulled out a member and grabbed Nata in his arms and dragged her into the street.
He brought her to the stable and tied her next to his horse.
Nata with a fright panting asked to stop.
But it was not there.
Ashot abruptly tilted Nata and drove his dick into her.
He literally saddled her like a stallion.
His breathing was like a roar of a horse.
He fucked my wife rough and long and finally finished.
Nata exhaustedly fell on her back and breathed, and Ashot rather enjoyed her captive.
He untied his wife’s hands and removed the bandage.
Nat was in shock.
We brought the exhausted Nata into the house and left in the bathroom.

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The time was approaching midnight and we sat Nata in the back seat and drove home.
The next three days we enjoyed as the holy trinity.
We traveled a lot to different places, went fishing, hunting, saw a lot of ordinary people who were far from commercial deals, the global crisis, advanced technologies and finally the global politics of the world.
They live by their own concepts, they work a lot and hard, and that is why when you start communicating with them you understand to what extent they are simple, honest and hospitable.
I especially remember one old man in a small settlement.
He sat in the shade of a huge tree and kind of slept.
We stopped and David in Georgian asked him for a drink of water.
When he brought us the floor of a bucket of cool water, Nata and I spoke German.
Unexpectedly for us, in a strong dialect, he greeted us in German and asked how are you.
I did not immediately understand, but quickly realized and answered.
Dedok tutzhe invited us to a glass of wine and we stayed with him five choos.
He said that he had been in captivity from the Germans for almost three years and learned German there.
He spoke about fascist Germany as well as about Stalin’s Russia.
At parting, he gave us a large bottle of wine and invited us to visit.
All three days we educated only three of us and did not let anyone near us, and even poor Vakha, when he caught us at home, did not get any chance to touch Nate.
But the moment came when I had to say goodbye.
Early in the morning, tezhe guys came for us and they brought us here.
David was depressed by the weeping, and we got used to it in earnest.
I tried to leave as soon as possible, because I could not look at David, I felt sorry for him.
Already in the evening we were at our hotel and we were invited by Zurab to our farewell party.
He ran a company with which we made a deal and was so kind as to provide a home for a holiday in the mountains.
We took a shower and dressed for the evening reception were waiting for our partner.
But a pleasant elderly man appeared to us and, with an intelligent apology, invited us to follow him.
We were taken to a big house that belonged to Zurab.
The decor in the house was in modern European design.
Zurab met us in a room where there was a large table for twelve persons.
But there were only three devices on the table.
And it is not strange that two devices stood at the edges of the table, and one in the middle.
I looked inquiringly at the table and Zurab asked for forgiveness for his fantasy.
During the meal, Zurab asked

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how we liked the rest in the mountains.
Then he said to me unexpectedly.
-Thank you for being sympathetic to my brother. Amateur live sex chat.

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