Bongacams little.

Bongacams little.
I got up from the floor to undermine, while my uncle cleaned up the dirt that I let in after me.
Then my uncle told me that an enema had to be repeated in order to remove the soap from me and prevent irritation of the intestine.
And indeed, I felt a strong jet of water literally burst into my insides.

Never before have I experienced such a strong urge to immediately poop.
I began to fidget and writhe on the floor, tugging at my feet, and wanted to beg that he immediately stop the enema and let me go.
But it was too late to complain and ask: the enema poured in so quickly that, before I decided to protest, overcoming my shame and fear of not being courageous enough, all 2 liters of water were already in my ass – less than three minutes from the start of the enema infusion.
It seemed to me that I was about to be torn apart.
And, as soon as my uncle pulled the tip out of my ass, I lost control of myself and clumped loudly.
It was probably similar to Niagara Falls or a volcanic eruption 🙂 And my uncle was massaging my stomach, and pretending that everything was completely normal and crap under myself after an enema – a common thing for a big boy of fifteen. Bongacams little.

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