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I kissed her with a long kiss, letting her taste herself.
Then he gave her a dozen seconds of rest, just the time it takes to put on a condom.
Ritually moistening the head of the penis with saliva, I sank down between her already-apart legs and slowly entered her hole that was already flowing with love juice.

After that, comfortably sitting, I dug a kiss into her lips.
I do not know how long it lasted.

I know that for a long time.
And now her legs are already hanging in the air divorced to the limit, her ass raised.
She substitutes her tender, tormented with tongue and pussy member under my blows, and begins to moan.
I beat her harder, harder, deeper.
We all accelerate the pace, I can not kiss her – she shakes her head from side to side, grabs a pillow and pinches it between her teeth.
But still he can not hold back his screams and ends violently.
A curtain.
The power of pleasure depends on how much you can extend it.
I kiss her for a while: lips, face, until her look becomes meaningful and I do not understand that she is grateful to me for that evening, which we presented to each other, and that she would no longer have a bit of regret for her deed.

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But three days ago we did not even know about the existence of each other.
I lay on my back, but she sits down with reluctance – too tired of the previous two orgasms.
Do not worry, fish, I will not make you ride the most.
I lay her on top of me, she rests her elbows on the bed, her vagina is wrapped around my cock, and I start to move.
Now my hands are completely free, and I can now gently caress her back, her breasts.
It was conceived as slow and gentle sex, but for a long time it is so lacking.
Next time, maybe (and will be!), And now, twisting her hips, she begins to demand more with her ass.
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