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To the more defenseless and weaker girls, they openly harassed and pawed, trying to check out the forms and feel the intimate places.
One of the most powerless, and therefore beloved for bullying was Marina.
She did her best to be in front of teachers and educators.

But from time to time they caught her boys’ hands, like the tentacles of a vile

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octopus, right there they climbed under her skirt and in the decollete, while the young rapists did not forget to call her a thief and a rat, making it impossible to resist, breaking her spirit and pride.
One day, when the teacher left her after the lesson for a survey, and then asked to remove the board and left, one of the most anxious classmates looked into the classroom and saw the defenseless victim alone in the class, immediately whistled to someone in the corridor.
Six people flew into the classroom, who easily caught Marina and kicking and escaping, dragged her to the desk and threw her on her belly.
Holding her in such a position, she lifted her skirt and began to paw her ass, trying to wrinkle as much as possible and hook her slit.
Marina cried bitterly and begged to let her go.
I called the guys and screamed for help.
But all was in vain.
And now the boys’ fingers are pulled off her panties under the mournful cries of the unfortunate, baring her ass.

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A more experienced boy immediately took hold of the girl’s buttocks and pushed them apart, letting the others admire Marina’s lye.
Sexual lips spread to the sides and slightly opened the entrance to its cave.
“Well, let’s see if the Rat fucked!” Said one of the guys, and here Marina’s edges are sorely divorced to the side, revealing her secret to everyone’s view, a secret.
“Wow! Yes, she’s a virgin! Rat virgin, look guys! Apparently in the mouth and ass only takes and gives! I need to fix this! ”One of the guys shouted happily, and Marina, with horror, heard the sound of a unfastened strap and fly fly behind her.
Unable to see what is happening behind her, but realizing that the pants just do not take off and hearing enthusiastic comments about the released device: “Well, wow, you got up! Well, you’re just wearing a dinosaur in your pants! Oh, now you tear a rat! Well, just for hymen device that used to understand what is x.
th! ”Marina began to twitch and escape, but she was held tightly and despite her attempts to escape, the trunk of the guy was still attached to her frill.
The girl, attacked and experiencing nothing but fear, squeezed her buttocks and legs, her slit was dry and not ready for penetration.
But under the approving howls of classmates and protesting cries of Marina, the guy began to insert his instrument.
But the toli he was very large, Marina toli strongly shrunk, and maybe it was necessary to moisten the entrance to the vagina, but the member did not pass.
The guy diligently crammed him into the very center of the girl’s cave, pushing the priests’ halves with her hands, trying to expand the entrance, but he did not crawl through.
Marina felt as if in her cave with terrible force she was trying to climb a hard and hot organ, as she was tearing her body, making its way through, inflicting hellish agony, but shouting in pain and resentment continued to shrink. Homemade anal cam.

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