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But it was enough for them to be together for a while, to caress, as if Sergei was transformed and looked younger to 25.
Once she directly asked how old he was, but Sergei answered that he would say only before the wedding.
Now Polina saw him for the first time almost without clothes.

Broad shoulders, powerful torso, narrow hips, and large, but not thick, legs.
The body was covered with lumps of muscles, apparently trained and working, slightly hidden by a thin layer of fat.
Sergey was not like an athlete or pitching as in the photos, he did not shine with muscles and could not boast of a clear relief, but radiated real masculine strength and power.
Polina felt a desire to touch his body, touch his strong hands and feel his warmth.
Will it really be today? Does he embrace her, and she him, they will lie naked, together and will love each other?

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From the dreamy thoughts, the girl, who climbed out of the next path to the side, tore off her hat, effectively took off her hat and disheveled her hair, which rushed down like a golden wave.
Sergei just at that moment rested on the bench, and it was clear that the performance was especially for him.
The girl, wanting to consolidate the impression made, walked past Sergey with a model gait, eroticly straightening her chest.
Of course, Sergei held the blonde with his eyes, while continuing to sip sports cocktail.
But Polina did not have time to experience a strong tide of jealousy, as Sergey looked at her and indicated by gestures that she was Polina, much steeper both in form and beauty of her face.
He did it with such a charming smile that Polina had no doubt that she really liked Sergey.

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After the pool, they went to the cafe.
Sergey rarely drove her to restaurants.
Not because he was greedy or had little money.
He explained this by the fact that everything in the cafe is much simpler, faster and no less tasty.
The main thing is to know where there is a correct cafe, in which the proper chefs and waiters work.
He knew these three.
But today Sergey said that they would go to try new things.
– Danilych said that there are just awesome salads.
And you know that I myself am not my own from salads.
You do not mind? – Of course not! Let’s go to the new.
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