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held her palm over the hill, swollen from the guy in the pants.
I unzipped the zipper, put my pen in it and.
pulled out a white light, not even a small “trunk” at all. She said.

– Wow.
– Then she turned her back to the man, bent down, bent her back and spread her legs wide.
The man hastily jerked the condom wrapper, and with a quick movement he “rolled out” the gum on the penis.
Then he grabbed her lap for her wide hips and.
a huge male flesh with a smacking sound went to the spouse’s bosom.
The guy began to sharply and strongly push Nelly on the penis.
The kind of spouse giving herself to another, as always, aroused me.
Nellie was already moaning! Obviously, this healthy “Elda” gave her great pleasure! However, it did not last long.
The man pulled his wife to him.
threw back his head.
snarled “Fuck-aaaa!”, and – finished! He let go of his wife.
took off the condom, filled with dull white sperm, threw it on the floor, hid his mighty machine in panties, zipped it up and sat down next to me.
Nellie straightened up, took a robe, put it on and sat on the sofa opposite.
I was admiring the flushed and so beautiful face of my wife.
“Well,” I asked the man, “how do you like my spouse?” – Fuck ah! Great! By the way, what are your names guys? – I am Alexander, spouse Nelly.
– And me, Vladimir.
– Very nice.
– spouse laughed, – I really was pleased with you.
– Let’s go for “you”, huh? – Well, on “you”.
I was good with you, Volodya.

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Sorry, a little! Not every day you meet a man with such “dignity.”
– the spouse stretched the handle and stroked the neighbor on the knee.
– Fuck.
I also liked with you! You have everything there.
like velvet! – He said delightedly.
The wife laughed again, straightened her disheveled hair with a flirty gesture.
– Thank! – Fuck, Sasha, – the guy turned to me (obviously, without “fucking” he could not construct a single phrase), – I guess I’ll pay you some more.
– No problem.
In an hour? – Nah! We have a long time to go to Moscow? – Three days.
“I will pay you for all three.”
– It will be expensive.
– How many? – Three days and three nights.
Well, let’s say ten thousand.
– Catch! – he took a wallet from a pocket of his jacket hanging on his “shoulders” and counted me ten thousand bills.
And he sat next to his wife.
Nellie jokingly pressed against him and said with a laugh.
– Volodya, and what, we will not sleep? All three days? I’m afraid I can not stand such a marathon! – It will be visible there! – the guy resolutely pulled off his pants and shorts.
His great “dignity” was sticking up vertically.
I handed Volodya another condom.
He opened it, quickly rolled on the penis.
raised Nelku and.
put on the penis.
I didn’t even take off her robe! Her wife groaned.
– God.
so good
how big it is with you! And I began to sit down on this terrible stake! She closed her eyes and bit her lip slightly.
She really was good.
when he finished, Nellie lay back on the pillow, exhausted.
And Volodya turned to me.
“Fuck, for the first time in my life I meet such a sweet pussy!” He admiringly stroked Nalkina’s legs, which lay on his lap.
– You understand, Sanya, I

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have problems, fucking, with these women.
My size is not small.
To whom, fuck, do not stick – or yelling, as cut, or there so narrowly that no high! Already a member hurt! And Nelochka, fuck, there – just under me! Everything is so plump and fucking nice! That’s why I can not marry.
How many I searched, tried – tried all sorts of women – different.
Well, it’s not that fucking! I already forgot when such a thrill was experienced with a woman! Live jasmine sex cam.

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