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She did not immediately whip me backhand, but at first began to stroke the back, ass, segment and eggs with a stack.
Marina took a handkerchief and tied my eyes – so that every touch of the stack made me shudder, and goose bumps ran through my skin.
“I like it ?! I see what I like,” Olga said, “Ready for more?” – Yes Milady.

Olga started to whip, at first the blows were weak, with long breaks, then more and more often, with delay, then again gentle, even love ones.
It is difficult to explain what rhythm Olga had, as she did.
She listened to herself, looked at my reaction, looked at Marina.
It was exciting, interspersed with insults, with gentle touches, with stroking.
I liked the stack.
Marina took my head in her hands and kissed me on the lips.
“Yanochka, baby, I like to see how you are naked, with your bulging ass kneeling in front of Mrs.

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Olga,” she said gently, and at that time the stack fell down on my reddened ass.
Marina, without looking up, looked into my eyes while I was twitching and squirming under the stack.
Sparks galloped frantically in her eyes, as if she were receiving it in a stack over the ass and it was painful and sweet at the same time.
– Yes, ah.
oh, whoo, I groaned with each blow and moved forward.
– Marina, your bitches have big unrevealed talents, – Olga, too, was so seriously excited that she was breathing heavily.
Marina removed the bandage from me, and, squatting, spread her knees wide apart, reached for her pussy, began to masturbate right in front of my nose.
Her eyes were as dull – as women have before the orgasm.
– Suck them, Yanochka, I want to fuck your mouth with your fingers, – Marina started to put her fingers in my mouth, returned to the pussy again, scooping nectar there, and again immersed in the substituted mouth.

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My God, what a spectacle! Her pussy glistened with secretions, the smell smashed in her nose, driving me crazy, taste.
I thought that sperm would be as tasty as its nectar, like a lubricant of a very excited woman.
Then I did not know that soon I would have to evaluate something better.
I am a new person here, before the current reader was, but there was nothing to write about.
But here I look at all such beautiful stories that write to me and I think I’ll write my own.
Milanosssss bongacams.

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