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Now she lies and waits for Sveta, who is currently passing through the corridor of the clinic.
Here she is! Marina smiled at her friend and said: – Hello, friend! I missed! – Hello dear how are you? – Sveta loved her girlfriend very much and was ready to do everything for her, she hardly made Marina’s decision about euthanasia, but resigned, understanding her choice.
– I have a break, – Marina smiled again and moved her hand, calling for Sveta closer.

“Sit here,” she patted the sheet next to her.
“I want you to do something for me,” she said nervously.
– Anything you want, Marin points, I’ll do everything for you! – Sveta said fervently.
– Sveta, you know me as a staunch heterosexual, even with your ex-husband, who escaped from me like a goat.
But lately, in my moments of rest, the conviction arises that I could become a lesbian! Come on, don’t say anything, ”said Marina, seeing that Sveta took a breath to say something.
– I will finish.
Yes, I am telling the truth.
I could be a lesbian! I understood this from many priznik, about which I will not spread, but they are.
And I ask you for help.
Help me feel the taste of female sweetness in the end and help me feel the clitoral orgasm! Marina was demanding and, at the same time, with hope, looked at her bemused friend.
– I do not know what to say! – Light crunched fingers.
“I can’t refuse you, you know, but I have never done such things, I don’t even know how!” – Light, it will come by itself.
I told you.
“She hesitated a little,” I will take out, and then you will just hurry me up, otherwise the attack will be soon, and we will not be able to catch anything.
Sveta paused, feverishly pondering the situation and recognizing that you need to help her friend, as if it were wrong or right.

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But she decided.
Silently closing the door of the chamber, she quickly took off all her clothes under the light of Marina’s blue eyes and climbed on the bed to her friend.
lying on her side, she kissed Marina on dry lips.
A friend answered passionately, throwing a brisk tongue out to meet him, who pushed his counterpart and started the game.
Sveta threw off the sheet from the “half” of Marina’s body and began to pull at her nipple with Marina’s only but beautiful breast.
Sveta laid kisses on Marina’s neck, went down a little lower and grabbed her nipples with her lips, his areola wrinkled, and he jumped out.
Having played a little with the tongue with the nipple, Sveta caressed the delicate skin of a friend in the remaining space of the body, once perfect.
Light went on her lips even lower, lower, and now she is already in the hollow between the remains of her legs.
org) Suddenly, the smell of Marina, that goes and the depths of her body, incredibly aroused her, and she stuck to the bosom of her friend, furiously digging into small sexual lips.
Marina first moaned not from pain.
The juices flowed from the glands of the lungs, forcing the Light to move the tongue even faster, and add one more to the finger, which she already realized to insert inwards.
A few minutes, and Marina finished, for the first time in her life having vybryznul several streams of love drink, which Sveta, unexpectedly for herself, caught her mouth and saw.
Light crouched next to her friend.
“Thank you,” said Marina happily.
– That was great! They were silent.
Sveta thoughtfully looked at Marina’s crippled body, once again stinging, so that there was no accident.
And she also liked it, and she wanted to cum herself, but did not know how.
– Light, and now you

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Get on my shoulders, give me a kiss in my mouth! Sveta thought a little and climbed over Marina’s neck, trying not to hurt anything.
Having settled there, Sveta discovered that she rests with her lap on her friend’s happy pug.
Marina clasped Sveta’s ass and stuck out her tongue, licking Sveta’s lips.
She suddenly shuddered, feeling the discharge of the sweet current that ran through the body.
Marina began to lick quickly, quickly, seeking to please his beloved friend.
She did not make it wait long and in a few minutes she finished the orgasm that was the brightest in her life.
To be continued.
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