Security camera caught sex.

Security camera caught sex.
Oh really? Now check.
The fingers of that hand that was below her belly, moved even lower and a little deeper.
She frantically squeezed her knees, but this did not prevent him from feeling that the fabric was wet through.

She again failed to restrain herself and groaned.
The desire was too keen and painful.
You do not want, well, well, he grinned.
“Spread your legs,” he suddenly said, carefully following her reaction.
Not! She exclaimed, but it was more like a moan.
Spread your legs! – Suddenly he firmly ordered, piercing her burning eyes and squeezing more nipple.
And she obeyed.
The strength of his voice, his gaze.
Yes, and endure this sweet torture, she could no longer.
She madly wanted him to touch her in the place where the sweet fire blazed.
Her knees spread apart.
Wider! – he commanded.
– Still! More more! She could not resist and revealed herself to him more and more.
Well done, good girl.
Do not dare.
Her exclamation sank in a groan, for his fingers began to persistently stroke her so far through the wet fabric, sharpening the desire more and more. Security camera caught sex.

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