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To say that I was shocked is to say nothing at all.
I froze in horror.
Analyzing my feelings below, I felt how something tiny rubbed the entrance to my vagina.

But after a few seconds, Andrew shook in a fit of orgasm and fell down next to me in the back seat.
I wondered what to do now? But curiosity first took precedence over absolute dissatisfaction.
Bending down, I examined and even touched this mini member.
It seemed to me that it was no more than 5 cm long! Moreover, I understood that he was still standing! Andrei remained silent.
I got up and got out of the car, slamming the door.
I confess: I was beside myself with rage.
I do not remember whether he said something goodbye or not.
Rather, yes, and these words were hardly flattering.
I came home early in the morning, burning with anger and lust.

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And masturbating in a small passageway did not seem possible to me.
Until the girls-neighbors left, I no longer made any attempt to meet someone.
Apparently, still under the indelible impression, after my last “sexual” adventure.
Although, to tell you the truth, I do not remember that there were any suitable candidates.
After the girls left, I continued to walk in the evenings along the embankment all alone, went to the establishments to drink something.
But I do not remember that in the last days of the sea I had a burning desire to meet someone.
The mood was, as I thought then, worse than ever, because I understood that the trip failed.
But I was wrong! It turned out maybe even worse.
All these days, some assholes periodically harassed me, but I kept them off.

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For 3 days before the end of the vacation, another man tried to meet me.
It looks like an ordinary man on vacation, 30-32 years old, a bit plump with hints of a beer belly, drunk, cheerful, like not scary.
In short, nothing special.
I thought and decided that I was curious anyway.
As you can see, such a “self-promotion” in my case worked.
We met him, sat in the bar, drank, and chatted.
He seemed to be joking a lot, at least he tried.
I will not say that I was delighted with his sense of humor.
Well, oh well, come under cocktails.
A few hours later, Egor called me to walk along the night beach.
I think: many people imagine how difficult it is to find a place under the sun and even under the moon on most Black Sea beaches.
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