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What are you a slave about? I define the rules of the game, you played, well, you did not play, but tried to play as I told you! And enough chatter, my session continues.
Shut up!!! I can not, I’m sorry.

So – this is the audacity of the Lady! Yes, I’m disgusting and pathetic! Who would argue! I.
Be silent !!! Sorry.
He struggled, he begged for his sobering, liberating cruelty.
Madam resolutely got up and went out.
He remained kneeling like a sinner, waiting for Purgatory, for his release from his impurity.
Punishment is the beginning of forgiveness! She returned quickly enough.
It was already another character of the session! Mistress in all its glory and beauty! Black tight leather pants (what a beautiful figure she has after all!), Black stiletto shoes with a mass of aggressive shiny rivets and buckles, a favorite spiked cuff mascot, and finally a black and silver butterfly mask.
Madam turned on the music hard hard rock hit by decibels on the ears. Sexy little girl webcam.

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