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Breath has gone astray.
Slowly, painfully slowly, Hrodgar began to enter this soft, hot cramp.
Feeling a living obstacle, with a slight effort leaned forward, penetrating deeper.

Trying to keep a groan, Valhteov made a quiet, mournful sound.
Her wide-open eyes, as if not seeing the ceiling and staring into the sky shining with stars, filled with tears.

Hands stretched to the sides painfully strained and thin fingers helplessly crushed the fabric of the sheet.
The dragon winner’s heart sank.
Gritting his teeth, he closed his eyes and made several smooth movements, entering and retreating, tormenting a torn womb and cursing himself.
Suddenly, obeying a sudden insight, he drew a member, stretched back and picked up his battle belt.
Leaning on his knee, he pulled his young wife’s hips together and, just above the knees, tightly wrapped his sash.
Long golden curls flew up and crumbled, wrapped around his neck, when he grabbed and turned the fragile figure in one motion, putting it on his knees and pressing the girl’s back to his sweaty chest.

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The next moment she felt how the king’s trunk strained to the limit, passed between her thighs and, pushing the flesh apart, slid between the sensitive petals and rested against the clitoris.
Finally, Hrodgar gave vent to his passion – taking a high pace, growling dully, he pushed the girl onto his penis, violently pushing the elastic white buttocks.
Throwing back her head and breathing heavily, she moaned, enjoying the ruthless pressure and force of male desire.
Suddenly the golden-haired beauty cried out loudly and huddled in his arms.
Sensing the pulsation of her orgasm, seized by the trembling of pleasure, the warrior groaned and discharged, with the last of his forces pressing Valhteov to his heart – his treasure, his love.
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