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With her, I tried everything that can be done together, in all places, in every conceivable and unimaginable position.
Well, I decided that if she refuses, then all – the end.
She herself is a quiet girl, she spoke about sex with hints, without dirty words, so it was difficult for me to choose words.

I do not remember the dialogue itself, and it is not in it.
I naturally tended everything to the fact that it would be necessary to invite a girl to the bed, yes, more sympathetically, but she only occasionally inserted a couple of words and didn’t understand her what she was thinking.

And in the end, my quiet person gave out: – If you want another girl, there will be a girl, if you want any perversions there, you will be distorted, but.
Of course, I was expecting this “but”, but I confess for a moment I regretted that I started it all.
Actually the first episode Pause seemed to hang on it for ages, and after the first time I heard “dirty words” from my girlfriend – I will have some conditions that you will accept completely when you do not break, otherwise it’s better not to start.

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I wanted to say something, but a sharp gesture with my palm stopped me.
– So it is.
First – she began to bend her fingers – Before you go to the group sex, you will see how the other guy will fuck me in front of you.
The second.
I will allow you to fuck other chicks, but all of them must first be between my legs, how will you mollify them, I do not care – she bent the second finger – Third.
You will not even ask for my ass and mouth anymore, it will be given to other guys.
– one more finger – If you are going to finish with them, then do not slap the sheets.
– went index finger – And the last.
Of course, I will also fuck with others, but do not worry, nor when I bring them to our bed, except for the first time.
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