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From behind the door, there was immediately a sound, pouring water and an infectious girlish laugh.
In order to go to the kitchen, I had to pass by the door ajar, and what I saw there made me regret that I refused to go to the bath with the girls.
Actually, I like to look at life when a girl with a girl, but there was nothing like that just one girl washed another, but it looked cooler than the coolest sex with such immediacy they did.

I looked involuntarily, and was noticed by Olga, who threatened me with a finger as a joke, smiling, and I closed the door.
I drank coffee, smoked a cigarette, and the girls splashed all the more.
I knocked on the door and said I would stop by after work.
To which they replied that they would wait.
And in the evening it was like that.
But that’s another story.
The silence was broken by the open door of the bedroom, where a few minutes ago my wife was fucked by one of my best friends.
I sat in our bedroom with Tanya.
I heard steps towards the bathroom and a closed latch.
The shower turned on.
After 5 minutes, the door to the bathroom opened and after a moment, a wife rewound with a towel came into the bedroom.
My wife silently approached me and sat down next to me on the bed.
She was silent and I was silent.
I did not know what to talk to her after what I saw.
My wife started first: – Forgive me, I did not want to, – said Tanya.
– What exactly? Suck someone else’s dick or podmahivat when you fuck from behind? – I asked with some anger.
Tanya covered her face with her hands.
– You see, he.
excuse me, please, – my wife almost crying lowered her head in my lap.
I did not know how to react to this, except to try not to send her away.
– How long have you started with him.
– I asked.
– How to say to you.
we sat engaged, well m.

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when I translated the text to him, remember? – asked Tanya.
– And?
– I asked.
“And then on the second day, when you were at work, in general, it was then,” the wife told through tears.
– Why did you cheat on me, Tanya, that everything was bad with you? – I asked my wife uncomprehendingly.
“No, but it happened, understand,” the wife answered.
– Tell me.
– What? – My wife asked uncomprehendingly.
– Tell me how you did it? – I asked my wife.
– What for? Isn’t that important? “Important to me,” I insisted.
– What are you interested in? “I want to know how this happened,”

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I continued the interrogation.
– Do you need details? – Tears ran down his wife’s cheeks and apparently she didn’t really want to tell.
“Yes,” I snapped.
– Good.
I will tell.
We were sitting.
At the table.
And he offered to give me a massage, and my shoulders ached.
He began to do and then the pencil fell under the table.
Lyoshka climbed there, – “Oh, he’s already Leshka,” I thought to myself.
And the wife in the meantime continued the story, – And then.
– wife interrupted.
– What then? – Then it happened.
– This is not the details.
I want the details, I began to insist.
– Why, I do not understand.
Why are you torturing me? I know that I’m a bastard, I cheated on you, I apologize.
But why should I remember all this? – the wife almost begged me.
– Tell me – I looked into her eyes.
“He began to caress me there,” his wife continued abruptly.
– Where exactly? – There, between the legs.
He abruptly began to caress there.
I did not expect.
Then he tore off my stockings and threw me on the bed.
He is so fast, I could not resist.
And then he got his.
– wife interrupted.
– What did he get? – His cock and put it in me – his wife uttered and began to cry again.
– He started to fuck you? – I asked.
“Yes,” said the wife.
– Tell me what he started doing? – I could not stop.
I was excited by the situation and the story of his wife.
“Fuck,” said his wife.
– How whom? – I asked.
The wife looked, did not understand what I wanted from her – how the bitch began to fuck, right? – the wife lowered her eyes, – say that he began to fuck you like a fucking last.
– He began to fuck me like the last.
fuckin ‘, – said the wife.
I noticed that she stopped crying.
Maybe this situation also began to get her, I did not know.
– What happened next? – I asked.
“Then he turned me on cancer and put me in the vagina again,” said Tanya.
– He put your dick in your pussy? Tell me, was it so? – I asked my wife.
It seems she began to understand the essence of the game and began to repeat after me. Cam sex indonesia.

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