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They finished at the same time.
But not me.
Then two free guys Dylan and Steve came up to me.

Dylan picked me up, I wrapped my arms around him and he began to fuck me in the air.
It was very cool to feel such a perfect body.
Steve, there is nothing left, how to come and insert me in the ass.
And so they had me in two

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bows, until they also finished at the same time.
Meanwhile, Nastya had already pleased her lovers and sat spreading her legs as if on a gynecologist’s chair and diligently jerked off, shoving a TV remote control into her vagina.
The boys lay on the bed, drank their beer and laughed out loud.
I wanted more sex.
Not for long, I think, I crawled over to Nastya and began to lick her.
I have long dreamed about this, but it was always scary to start something first.
Nastya gave way, I dipped into her juices mixed with sperm.
And so I felt that Nastya was ending.
In the meantime, it was clear that the guys rested and want to fuck us.
We were all for it.
For us, a large and narrow table was released, on which we lay in a pose 69.
Then they all took turns coming up and inserting us in the ass then in the mouth, then in our slits.

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I was very tired, but the orgasm never went.
And then I wanted to experience something unusual.
Leaving Nastya four guys, I took the blond and black man and took them to bed.
Sitting on top of the blond I started to ride him, while getting closer and closer to his face.
At the same time I grabbed a nigger cock and sucked it.
And now, after a couple of minutes, I inserted a member of the Negro into the blond’s mouth.
He did not dare at first, and then began more and more vigorously to suck on the black wet head.
I started doing the blowjob to the blond and in parallel to develop his back hole.
I madly wanted to see the Negro fuck the blond.
Blond, meanwhile, got cancer and the Negro began to penetrate it.
Oh how sweet it was.
The blond member was standing, it was clear from him that he was experiencing the best pleasures in his life.
I crawled and put a member of my ass.
But I wanted more.
I asked Steve to lie down on the bed, she inserted his cock into his ass, and the blond sent me his pussy, the black man, and continued to fuck him.
For a couple of minutes I experienced the strongest orgasm in my life, I screamed in such a way that I thought I heard the whole hotel.
All fell exhausted.
And then knocked on the door.
This story is real, of course the names are changed and the real name of the team is not said, however, this is not the end.
I embrace Natasha by the waist, I pull to me, kiss.
She immediately sticks her forceful tongue into my lips, penetrates me, rubs against the gums, teeth, draws her tongue into herself and lick him with the tongue.
Her hands slide on my back, dropping below, squeezing my ass. Free live anal webcams.

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