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”, And she sharply pulled her skirt up, and a rubber member hung between her legs.
Igor recoiled from her, but Sveta sharply kicked his knee in the chest, threw him on his back and sat down on his chest, crushing his hands with his knees.
Now Sveta was sitting on his chest, and her cock lay on his face.

Scared, baby? – She gently whispered, – do not worry, my cock is the same as yours, and you will like it as much.
Sveta stroked a member in the face of Igor, he tried to throw him off with a movement of his head.
No, do not like it.
the members are not in my part, Igor answered confidently.
Sveta with tenderness looked at him, opened her lips, and dripped saliva on Igor’s face, and began to smear it on his face with a member.
Igor tried to wriggle out, but not very hard.
Do not like, whore? – offended asked Light.
I am not a slut, – shouted Igor, – Get off me! Are you not a slut? And did you like to suck my tongue out tongue ?, and you suddenly don’t like sucking a rubber member, – Sveta looked at Igor angrily, – let’s do it, I pay you a penny an hour, you suck my cock, you swallow my drops, and pretend that You like it fuckingly, then I take you back home and we part.
Maybe until next time, and maybe forever.
Is going? Having sex with such a girl and getting money for it, what could be better, well, I’m sucking her cock, well, he’s rubbery, and we know her only through the Internet by nicknames, no one will know anything anyway

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Yes, and the car she has a cruiser, it can give more steer.
He looked at Sveta, then at her car.
And you can still fuck me on the hood, – added Light, – do you agree? I agree, – Igor answered right away.
I do not agree, but I agree, ”corrected Sveta,“ I agree, fuck me of Sveta, repeat.

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I agree, fuck me Sveta, – Igor obediently repeated.
Light rose from him and took her penis with both hands.
Igor also got up and stretched his stiff limbs.
On her knees and suck, whore, – ordered Sveta, Igor knelt down, crawled up to Sveta and took the head of her penis in her mouth.
Come on deeper – Sveta poked a member deeper into his mouth, Igor tried to take him even deeper, but he didn’t work well.
Then Sveta took him by the head and started to fuck him in the mouth herself, pushing him deeper and deeper into his cock, Igor choked, Svieta stuck his cock out of his mouth and he coughed.
She is an inexperienced whore, you don’t know how to suck, ”Sveta said mockingly and waved a member in front of Igor’s nose.
Togo suddenly so touched her words that he rushed to her penis and grabbed his teeth.
Yes, I suck the best, now you will see, – and his head rhythmically moved up and down her penis.
He took her hands on her ass and began to nudge her towards himself, he swallowed her cock deeper and deeper, now Igor has already begun to moan with each movement.
The world was very surprised by such agility of Igor, she watched his head move, she almost didn’t see her member, he almost completely swallowed him, drooling flowed down her legs, she was very excited, now his every groan, every push gave him a current At the bottom of her belly, Igor continued to move without stopping, Sveta felt a touch on the leg of his standing member, and then she moaned, Igor put his arm around her waist, clenched her cock with his teeth so that he could not move in his mouth and now quickly poked another end m right in pussy Sveta.
Sveta no longer just moaned, she screamed after each movement, she lowered her eyes and saw that Igor’s hand quickly moved quickly somewhere down there, he jerked his dick, he also liked it, Sveta’s head started to spin with excitement.
Igor sucked her cock with one hand firmly holding her waist, and slipped the second between Sveta’s legs, and began to stick her finger in her ass, Sveta tried to pull out, but it only accelerated his finger penetration into her, she finished shaking, and she screamed and leaned her hands on Igor’s head, they were exhausted, but Igor did not let her cock out of his mouth, he kept his finger in her ass and nagged his cock with frantic movements.
She bent down, opened her lips and showed drooling to Igor, he released her penis and opened his mouth, Sveta spat at him and immediately felt drops of hot sperm on her legs and saw how Igor’s movements freeze. Free online korean sex movies.

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