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Here the effect seems to have stopped slightly.
Barely breathing a little, Denis hopelessly listened to the flowing voice of a fat witch.
“Now you know what will happen if you again fail.”

At least one bad word, blissfully literally sang a sadist.
Immediately the impact, weakened in one place, switched to another.
Not only that slightly sharper hairs began to “bang” the navel berry and a small electrical discharge was added here.
Smell of ozone.
The most annoying thing is that tiny electrical discharges passed from the navel through the urinary channel.
Here already there was a feeling that ants were crawling inside.
From unbearable scabies member literally exploded from the inside.
Impacts changed: it increased, but decreased.
As a voice was heard in the fog, a woman whom Denis had already begged to stop.
He was ready to fulfill all her whims just to stop it.
Being already on the verge of mental insanity, Denis with his last strength looked at his tormentor.
She stroked, then pinched his nipples, as if soothing effects.
Suddenly everything disappeared.
Exhausted, he lay hopelessly.
Then he did not remember what was happening.
He woke up naked in a dark room.
Wanting to scratch at the wounded places, he was surprised to find that his “python” was securely packed in a modern chastity belt, the design of which did not allow even scratching after such strong influences.

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As it turned out later, even about an erection could be forgotten.
Fortunately, everything else was available and he gladly scratched himself, remembering all the torture as a bad dream.
The only thing that made him shudder again was like a nasty female voice that no longer belonged to his recent tormentor.
Today we do not consider.
It was an acquaintance.
From what he heard and now aware that the nightmare did not end there the prisoner became ill, and he fell to the floor from grief and fatigue.
TWO WEEKS torture.
This is at best.
I can not stand.
Arthur’s family resided in the Siberian outback, in a closed town, there were no girls of the same age among the military, arriving in the city of brides (popularly called) because of inexplicable anomalies mostly girls were born there, parents arranged Arthur to the nearest school 7 km from the house from a sleeping micro area on the trolley bus less than 10 minutes.
Arthur who passed into the seventh grade and on the first day was shocked by such an abundance of beautiful girls “hungry for guys” right from one

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extreme to another, in his class he is the only guy – like in a “harem”.
In one sleep laboratory, brain signals and signaling to the body and back were recorded and recorded. During the research, an incident occurred – the young test subject had an erotic dream – he experienced a strong orgasm and involuntary abundant ejaculation, all brain signal recordings were transferred to the research chemical laboratory, after prolonged research was able to create a chemical composition which, once in the body, exactly repeats all those signals deceiving the human brain as if the person is intensively etsya sex, and the brain in turn sends appropriate signals to the production of mucus, sperm, pleasant sensations and maximum erection. Full sex film online.

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