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Suddenly, Nymye tore us from mating and set us on his knees.
Now two delicate female backs appeared in front of his greedy gaze, as well as our opened crotchs, running out with lubricant and sperm.
Starting frantically caressing the head of his piston, Reeditzia’s husband snarled.

– What are you waiting for, whores – lick and finish !!! To spew sperm, I have to see, not just the banal mating of girlfriends, but the foul, maximum obscene intercourse !!! I turned to face Reeditsia and tried to gently kiss the girl.
The rapist’s wife answered me with a weak kiss, our tongues merged together again, and I began to feel the buds of my breasts swell.
Watching our caresses, Nimier jerked off his dick, but suddenly rushed to my ass and immediately tried to push my tight penis into my anus.
In a state of insane lust, he pressed me to the pillows of the bed, tore off the clothes on me and twisted my hands forward, squeezing them at the wrists.
Removing the shackles, he again tried to penetrate the member into my not very big back hole.
Missing again, he growled.
– Oh, bitch, push your legs apart, or you will regret it badly! I need to pour the seed in your pretty ass.

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Putting his greased head against the shriveled little ring of my anus, the rapist pressed harder on his hips and his penis was inside my ass.
Trying to delay the inevitable, I tried to squeeze the anus, but the Nimier piston tightened and watered my insides with another batch of lubricant.
– Do not dare to resist, rubbish, – with a groan growled husband Reeditsii, – And then I’ll just tear your back hole.
You do not even suspect, bitch, how good it is to be in you.
While reading your work on magic, I didn’t even suspect how pleasant it would be to rape your quivering flesh !! I thought in front of me would be an old, stupid little magic – a pathetic bookworm, which delves into the ancient formulas.
And you! You are much better than my unskillful, petty wife.
Oh, bitch

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, I could destroy all your arcane theories by writing up mountains of paper, but my dick will much sooner prove you right.
Today, I will inflict tremendous pain on you and try to ensure that you do not lose consciousness.
First, I will pierce the lips of your vagina and clitoris.
Then I will do the same with your long tongue.
Next, I wipe you to the blood with a whip, well, and finally, I will take the garters from stockings and drag you with the Reedition of the neck.
Then I will masturbate and put my huge hard cock into your gasping mouths.
When one of you is dead, the second I will spew all the accumulated seed into my throat.
I do not know what I would do if I had not turned me over to you for the night.
Come on, slit, relax your anus.
A member of Nimier again tensed, making his way. Granny boobs webcam.

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