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She: “Afraid of punishment? And was he not afraid to say such an unfamiliar girl ?! You need to answer for your actions! Speak, how daddy’s

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name is and his mail! ”And here it struck me! Why I, such an idiot, did not create in advance the “Daddy” page and did not live it in, giving it a real look.
Then I would give his address and calmly end, and she would be full of triumph, having dealt with me! And everyone would be happy! But not in this case.
I: “I’m scared! I won’t give it! ”She:“ Alive! I’m waiting! Otherwise it will be worse! ”I:“ Not.

Masha, I do not want to give! I’m afraid! ”She:“ I said quickly !! Give him his mobile phone.
Dad should know what his son is doing in his absence.
He will be very happy to find out.
” Me not!!! I’m not a suicide! ”She:“ It will be worse! If you give it now, he will only learn about the fact that you are pestering everyone.
If I find it myself, then I will tell everything! And about how you dab at the point, disguised as a girl, and therefore tell all this.
I’m still lying, that you shared with me that you have a blue friend, and that you get up while your parents are not at home.
” Wow! My defense just fell in! But her bluff was obvious! First of all! The fact that she finds me is a bluff! She decided to buy me! Secondly! She would tell him one hundred percent, even if I would give her the phone or her father’s mail! I will not say! I’m afraid of punishment! ”She“ Good! Well, how do you beat a point, tell me? What? ”An unexpected turn.

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Fell tension.
I: “Take a banana, go to the bathroom! I grease it with cream and.
“She:” I see.
Show? ”I:“ I mean? ”She“ Take a photo! Send me! ”Oh! How shrill these words! How would this light add to this situation! I took a photo from the back in less than 5 minutes! I “I sent” She: “I see! What a pretty boy.
Do you have a case of a real blue friend? ”I:“ No))) I’m normal! ”She:“ It doesn’t look like! ”I was afraid only of one thing that the fish would break now and I would just stop being interested in it.
She will say “Good luck!” And this will be the end of it.
But the unknown is there, so that the result can be any.
I: “Why did you shut up?” She: “Oh, yes.
I do my own business. I do not understand! Hike it really do not care! Pancake! How to ignite it back!? We fell silent.
I thought that I needed to throw a small bone again and everything would flare up again.
And here.
She: “Your dad’s name is Alexander?” Wow.
she’s looking for my dad somewhere, I don’t know in which ass, but it turns out she is serious.
Again the body trembled.
Me not! Nikolai ”I answered honestly to bring my hands as close as possible to the fire.
She: “And where are you living?” I: “In Butovo!” If there were not so many thousands of Nikolayev in Butovo, I would not say.
She: “In the South?” Hmm.
strange, although it may not be strange! Most likely, I live in Yuzhniy Butovo, as it is 3 times larger than the North.
This is logical.
Anyway! I: “Yes!” She: “I was there! Which street? ”The answer will narrow the circle to the limit! But still will not break it.
I am very excited! I: “On Skobelevskaya” And then she understood me, pervert, and bought me.
She distracted me! She knew that I, aroused, could tell her everything! She: “And you also like women’s legs and stockings!” I: “Yes!” Honestly.
Did not guess.
She: “I am now sitting at the computer in thin stockings! I would like you to warm my legs with your kisses! Every finger! ”I WAS READY TO FINISH OUT OF NOT TOGETING MY STONE MEMBER !!! I: “Yes, I want it that way!” She: “Do you have brothers or sisters?” I understood that there was already a trick, but ecstasy eclipsed logic from consciousness. Hbo real sex free online.

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