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Hard and very painful.
In the ass.
I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying on my stomach in the single room of the regional hospital.

I groaned and after that the man moaned, fucking me and sperm poured right into my ass.
Woke up? – A man, most likely a nurse, aged 26-27, put a dick wet and glistening from sperm to my lips.
– Lick.
I obediently licked a member and he patted me on the ass said.
You are my bitch.
While you were unconscious, I fucked you in all the cracks.
Great slut you are.
I will still come.
He went out.
And I looked at my pussy and ass.
A huge hole instead of the anus terribly saddled, although it was smeared with something, the pussy – red and swollen – it was impossible to touch the clitoris.
Somehow I went up to the mirror and saw a completely tortured mouth, broken lips, bruises on tits, hickeys all over my body and red and blue nipples.
At that moment, the same orderly entered the ward and hastily snapped the lock on the door.
Recovered? He unzipped his fly and sat on the bed.
Suck, slut, but more gentle.
I knelt down and took a dick in my mouth.
so yes.
in an hour two more guys will come, we will let you in a circle, whore.
I understood that this is the beginning of the end.
Here, finally, and summer.
Session with her exams and tests left behind.
You can finally relax and rest, having left, away from the noisy, hot city.
Smell of exhaust gas and hot asphalt.
My friend and I have long dreamed of relaxing in the summer on the sea.

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Her friend works at a travel agency and helped us book a double room in one of the Antalya hotels.
Turkey! I have never been abroad before.
And I did not think that without my parents I would go to rest at the resort.
This is all Sveta – my girlfriend.
She is an active person, not that I am quiet.
Without it, I would not have dared.
To my objections that my parents would never let us go.
She invited them to say that we were going to her grandmother in the village.
And this is far away, and the phone is not there, so that we can rest easy for a week in

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No one will notice.
There is no problem with money.
My parents are fairly wealthy people.
We are bosom friends.
We studied together at school, we study together at the University.
Even outwardly, we are very similar.
Both are blondes, short-haired, blue-eyed, of medium height.
We wear the same size of clothes and shoes, and when we go, we can’t be seen behind us.
And we like this similarity, emphasizing with clothes, make-up and bijouterie.
And here is the long-awaited airport.
We buy a few trinkets in the dyuti – free, drink coffee and, finally, the plane.
Turkey was enveloped in the heat, cloudless sky, bright colors of everything around us, the guttural speech of the local people.
An hour passed – and we are in a hotel.
The room smelled of air conditioner coolness, pleased with the soft beds.
Eat in the restaurant – and the beach! Blue sky.
A light breeze is playing with rows of colorful umbrellas, palm leaves of a hut.
Remove shorts, t-shirts.
Blushing from the evaluating views of men.
A moment of awkwardness – and I only have a swimsuit.
The blue warm sea caresses our bodies.
How good! In the evening we go to the club.
So funny! Music gets.
Drank a little bit.
And two Turks come to meet us! – What a beautiful girl! Alone? They are much older than us.
We looked at each other in embarrassment.
We came on vacation.
-Let’s get acquainted.
I am Tarkan.
He is Dodu.
– Sveta! Natasha! – We are going to dance.
Noise, wine music, – spin your head.
Sveta with her somewhere disappeared. Img webcam nude.

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