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Well her, this job.
– Lets do it.
I got up from the chair, extended my hand to her.

She put her hand in mine and I pulled her to me.
How gentle were her palms! She hugged them around my neck.
I felt them on my body, and all I could feel was passion.
I realized that I am getting more and more excited.
Pressing Lenochka, who has the strength, to herself, but, still not allowing myself to lower my hands on her buttocks, I, with lips trembling with excitement, began to whisper the words of the song in her ear.
She pressed her cheek against me and put her hands into my hair.
She liked it so much that she was excited – I felt it, otherwise she would have recoiled from me at the first signs of erection, which was hard not to notice.
And she was betraying me with giblets.
When the song ended, she pulled away from me and looked at my face.
Her lips were parted – they were eager for a kiss.
I have satisfied her desire.
Our lips rolled over each other, wanting to give more and more tenderness.
We caressed each other’s tongues with our lips, having met each other, gave us incredible pleasure.
I could no longer tolerate.
I put my hands below, crumpled her buttocks in his palms.
A soft moan escaped from Lenochkin’s insides, which passionately sank in my mouth.
She began to unbutton my shirt and unbuttoned, ran her hands into the hair on my chest.
Then, running her hands over her shoulders, she threw her off me.
I grabbed the hem of her dress, pulled it up.
Lena was left in her underwear – black panties and a small bra, which I immediately unzipped.
Her breasts with small pale nipples opened to my eyes, and I could not resist the temptation to play with them with the tip of my tongue.
While I was enjoying the taste of her breasts, Helen gasped up my pants and sent them to the floor along with the underpants.

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I sat on the chair.
My count was ready to burst from the surge,

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it was already throbbing from the passion that filled me over the edge.
Elena Nikolaevna threw off her panties and came up to me.
Taking hold of my trunk, she slowly mounted herself on it, each time plunging it into its wet crack more and more.
Finally, she sat down completely on my lap and began to move the pelvis back and forth.
Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, she enjoyed me.
She crumpled her little breasts and twisted her nipples.
Her smooth-shaved pubis slid over my hairy body.
Then she bowed her head towards me.
I dug my lips into her mouth, grabbed my tits with my palms, and began to twist her nipples with my fingers.
She was beginning to moan.
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org) I asked her to do the same.
She just shook her head, limply putting her hands on my back.
For a long time I could not in this position – I did not really like it.
We got up and headed for the door.
Helen leaned on the doorway shoals, arching the back and substituting my vagina with love juices.
I easily entered it.
Lena pressed her back to me, I realized that this way you can reach out to her clitoris with your hand.
That’s exactly what I did.
These caresses began to bring her to orgasm.
She increasingly breathed louder and louder, squeezed moans escaped from her mouth.
I also felt a wave of orgasm beginning to form somewhere in the depths of me.
The wave was approaching.
But, just before its appearance, the unexpected happened.
Door opened.
Before us stood on the threshold Vadim Sergeevich, the head of our department.
What did he forget here? Helen paused for a moment.
I did not see her face, but I’m ready to bet that her eyes expressed fear.
Then she jerked, and convulsed in an orgasm, nearly escaped from my hands, if I hadn’t gripped her waist with my free hand.
Her moans were loud, so loud that I almost had my ears covered.
I also did not hold back, I felt the sperm gushing from me like a fountain, and it was no longer I moving my body, all my movements were reflex and unconscious.
I growled like a wild beast that tasted the fruits of voluptuousness.
With my hand, giving care to Lenin’s clitoris, I felt a jet of hot liquid.
Helen squirting! I think it was her strongest orgasm.
The chief, who was half a meter away with some glass eyes, closed the door.
I managed to notice a wet stain on his jeans, and it was clearly not from the female ejaculate. Lesbian private sex tape.

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