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Sooner or later, he turns all his fantasies on his mother.
Is not it? There are plenty of options: – mom walks around the house in a nightie in the morning without underwear, its length depends on mom’s fantasy.
All forms are normally visible; – before work, especially in summer, he dresses mini-sexy lingerie and rushes around him in a hurry like a madman; – even without bad intentions, it is difficult for a son, for 365 days a year, not to consider a breast of 3-5 sizes when dressing a bra in the morning and undressing in the evening.

Sooner or later, depending on the temperament, my son will want to enter with his swollen and blue from a rush of blood member in a deep tight hole, where he once went out, fill her mouth with his sperm: And I got the impression that on the subject of incest sink as a rule, women with education.

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Educators, educators, teachers and single mothers are often the same.
Chapter 7 Morning in our “family” often began with the fact that I got up first and Mom was still sleeping on her couch opposite.
They heated the apartment well and through the thin sheet in the rays of the sun my mother’s plump figure could be seen, seeing that, the heart began to beat faster, especially if she was sleeping on her back, having spread her legs.
When I started working at the scientific research institute, I sometimes thought over all the days and imagined what I had seen at night and in the morning and did not pay attention to the work.
Then, gradually, I started noticing my employees and, comparing their charms with my mother, came to the conclusion that they, too, deserve attention: After returning from work, I slowly stroked a hard cock and watched my mother in the kitchen preparing me dinner.

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Then I went to the bathroom and there, I was painfully sweet and finished the bath with my seed, imagining that very soon in the evening my mother would be washing away her female “prihandals”.
For several years we lived in a one-room apartment.
One night I woke up, the moon was shining – my mother was sleeping on the couch in the summer, covered with a sheet.
I opened my eyes and lay quietly – I heard something rustling softly and my breathing seemed to be speeded up – turned my eyes, and under mom under the sheets both hands were placed on the lower abdomen, and she could be seen under the sheets intensely jerking off.
Livejasmin anisyia.

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