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“Okay,” replied the daughter and began to carry out mother’s order.
Slowly, she gently pulled the enema tip out of the mammoth priests, then removed the rubber tank from the door hook, carried it to the bathroom and threw it into the bath, and then returned to the corridor, where her mother was still on all fours.
“I will have to hold water for 5 minutes,” she said when a daughter appeared.

“Yeah, try, I kept it,” Lucy smiled back.
“Yes, you are a good fellow, daughter, but from now on do not be fooled by constipation, if he is not there, ok?”
“Okay, okay,” muttered the girl in reply, it seemed to her unnecessary to remind of already such “long-standing” deeds.
Mother meanwhile slowly straightened her legs, turned on her side, then lay on her back.
“It is necessary to change the position so that the water would not stand all the time in one place, but would move from one end of the branch to the other,” she explained to her daughter and began gently massaging her stomach with her right hand.
“Hmmm, and you made me lie in the same position,” the girl reminded her.
“Well, yes, you are still a child.
with children it is different.
they are given less water to admit, “mother began to justify herself,” besides, it is much more pleasant to lie on your side than to stand on all fours, as I did. ”
“And who didn’t let you lie on your side?”, The daughter was amazed in response.
“In principle, no one, just the length of the hose would not be enough, well, you would also be inconvenient to insert the handpiece,” mother explained. Livejasmin gratis credits.

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