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She was very disgusted with swallowing pieces of her own feces, but Sharon experienced almost animal horror in front of Rachel, and disobeying thoughts did not even arise.
And Rachel stood nearby and watched in satisfaction as her boss meekly licked a huge cock.
It’s time for me to join your company, ”Rachel said after a while.

She quickly freed herself from a long denim sundress and remained in her underwear.
Sheron squinted her eyes and looked at the black woman.
Rachel under her clothes turned out to be a rather dense constitution: fleshy breasts with huge black halos of nipples, wide hips, dangling big ass.
But I didn’t have to consider it for a long time: Let me now please, – she turned to Sharon and sat on the sofa with her legs spread wide.
– Stir the rolls! – she snapped to the numbed woman.
Sharon let go of the fat fellow’s cock and crawled over to Rachel on her lap.
Her eyes rested on the crotch of the black woman.
I must say that Rachel did not particularly watch herself: black curly hair was knocked out from under the panties, the sour smell of long-washed genitalia was beating in her nose.

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Well, stopped, lick! – with these words, she moved her panties aside, opening the crotch to a numb woman.
In Sharon’s head did not fit, that she would have to engage in same-sex sex, especially with a black woman.
She had no such experience.
Rachel, seeing the confusion of a woman, decided to help her: she grabbed Sharon by the hair and with a force buried her face in her crotch.
Come on! She cried, and Sharon gave up.
Squeezing her eyes tight, she licked a salty vagina once and twice.
Tom at this time stood behind the hostess of the house, and began to jerk with fingers with her sore vagina.
It took Sharon quite a bit of time to get used to his new position, and if an outside observer had glanced into the living room five minutes later, he would have seen a white woman who was not forced to have lesbian sex, but a lesbian who enthusiastically licked the black holes of his mistress.
There was a continuous smacking, lowing, moaning about the room.
A dozen more minutes passed, and Rachel, pressing Sheron’s head between her legs, began to cum violently, filling the face of her new “friend” with secretions

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from her vagina.
Catching her breath, she roughly pushed Sharon away from herself.
Wow, good lizalka! Now I’ll often use your mouth, ”Rachel said, looking at Sharon’s wet face, which, like a dog, wagged her ass, with Tom’s fingers sweeping in her crotch.
It is unlikely that someone from the staff of the medical center or neighbors found out in this lustfully moaning creature Sharon impregnated beauty, smeared with feminine secretions, which many did not have the courage to even look at, let alone more. Marusiia livejasmin.

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