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Throwing cities with nuclear rockets and leaving only craters of black glass in their place, the special forces dispersed the genetic virus in the atmosphere, which deprived everyone who survived on the mainland the ability to reproduce.
In the end, this part of the planet became a solid technogenic camp, which contained a huge number of automated plants, where the descendants of the first colonists, who

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were dying out, were unable to continue the race.
No one knew what kind of genius in the Star Headquarters struck in the head to send special forces to that system instead of the regular fleet, but the idea was justified.

In the whole cluster, no one has stumbled since that day, bowing his head in front of the empire.
That is why the older navigator trembled fingers.
Do not worry, Quaid, you will not participate directly in the raid.
You can’t even get out of your chair, ”the girl said soothingly.
Your lips would let dang bite, ma’am, ”the man frowned.
– This drug is still more useful than being in the same system with the imperial special forces.
Hey! – Kia pulled it up.
– Do not make a panic on board.
Keep planting us in the backyard for these guys.
Isimura left Navigator and headed down the corridor to the captain’s bridge.
Passing the armory, she heard some strange sounds behind the steel door.
Having tapped the combination of the opening of the castle, the senior mate of the captain entered the room and saw an extremely interesting disposition.

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Senior Sergeant Epok stood near the table, lowering his pants, and in front of him, turned his back, leaned on this very table with his impressive chest Junior Navigator Kairi, who also pulled the lower part of the form to the ankles.
A black sergeant with calm concentration focused his impressive phallus into the hole of her blond partner, forcing her to crawl along the smooth steel surface of the table and moaning voluptuously.
With the hands of Epok, there are forces that squeezed the buttocks of a woman whitening before him and rumbled quite a bit, threshing with her piston with all her might.
Throwing out her pink tongue, Kairi rolled her eyes, leaned her elbows on the table to rise, and began to massage her swollen nipples.
Their heavy breathing together could melt polar ice on a medium sized planet.
At least, so it seemed to Isimura.
Pulling her left eyebrow, she watched the woven sweat-covered bodies, black and white.
And then ominously snapped: To quit! The sergeant hurriedly backed away from the woman, reflexively swinging back and forth once more and only then returning to the real world.
As it seemed to Kii, the member flew out of the navigator downright with a frightened squish.
The black adulterer tried to stretch his legs “quietly,” but this was prevented by the fact that his pants prevented him from joining the heels of his feet, and still not the fallen member stared his head in the direction of the commander.
Kairi straightened, pulling down her uniform shirt and wringing her tunic, but the bottom again gave it away.
What are you doing?! – threatened both Isimura.
– First, both must be on duty! Secondly, this is a non-statutory relationship during the execution of the task! Third, you do it in the armory! As soon as we leave the planet, I expect a detailed account of what happened from both of you! For now – run in places! Yes sir!.
!! – they crashed.
Kia with indignant views left the armory.
Ep, what now, eh? – Kairi squeaked plaintively.
Don’t be afraid, baby, everything will be the way, – the sergeant put his hand reassuringly on her breast.
– Go crazy and forget. Sex and the city season 6 online.

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