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With these words, he began to push my pants into my vagina, I was not pleased.
He held my head and stuffed them all, and it seemed to me that it lasted for ages.
Then, having risen, he lifted up my skirt and began whipping me with a whip, and I pushed my tongue over the anus of the lady.

This execution lasted quite a long time.
My butt ached, the vagina ached, and my tongue was tired and my whole face ached.
– This is your – said the man and left.
A mulatto came behind me and quite roughly lifted me to my feet and told me to go after her.
On my face, she saw my question, how could I go down the corridor like this? To which she ordered so go.
I was walking along the corridor and was very ashamed.
At the meeting, I went to other young women and giggled pointing his fingers at me.
It was very humiliating.
I was escorted to a spacious room, a guy with a collar was sitting next to the door.
It was evident that when he saw me he grimaced, as if he was expecting someone else.
Mulatto ordered me to go into the bath.
She took off all my clothes, took out my pants from the vagina.
Gave some liquid to drink.
And the pain stopped.
She told me to sit in a strange chair.
I sat down without ceremony she strapped my legs and arms to the chair and left.
And so naked and fastened I was in a spacious bath.
Soon the guy came.
I gasped, he grimaced and began to smear my crotch with shaving gel and did not fail to shove a finger at me, I gasped.
He ordered to endure or make worse.
I fell silent.
He still pulled the ball on two ropes and ordered him to stick his mouth.
And quickly fastened it on my head.
And so immobilized, all covered with soap, with a gag in my mouth, I prepared myself for the bullying of this guy.
He twirled his fingers a little in my vagina, then took them out and began to carefully shave my twat.
He did it well.
Periodically, he thrust a finger into me, from which everything started to bake and he smiled.

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I suffered.
And so it was all over.
I was shaved, they untied me and told me to wash myself.
I did so.
Then they ordered to stand on the machine.
I obeyed.
It all happened, gag, fixing the legs and arms.
Then a guy put something cold on my anus.
I would have screamed but the gag got in the way.
He smeared cream over the anus and roughly unceremoniously shoved a cold object into my anus.
And the water flowed.
I understood what an enema was doing to me.
I felt filled with warm water.
It did not last long.
I went to the toilet and the whole procedure was repeated.
Only now I was poured more water and not untied.
So I stood min 10.
then the Lady came and began to grumble that they hadn’t managed so long but the guests would come soon.
The guy was justifying kneeling.
The lady hit him in the face and left.
He trailed behind her.
“These are your problems,” said the mulatto, and now these are my problems and she will not continue to cook me.
She untied it and said that if even a drop fell from my priests to the floor, I would regret it very much.
And I believed her.
She gave me instructions and told me to be in a favorite position at the door.
I was naked, with water in the priest, fastened with a collar at the door, was on her knees, who were separated to the sides, sitting on her heels, with her hands behind her back.
And then the guests began to come.
Then I did not understand why I was standing there, but then.
I was like a humidifier.
The coming ladies took me by the head and I licked their crotches, the coming men thrust their members into my mouth until they began to swell.
What made me gasp for breath, and it only amused them.
I really wanted to go to the toilet, but the mulatto was watching me intently.
So I met the guests.
Do not drop a drop from the priests.
She praised me and told me to go to the toilet and get better.
I did so.
Fortunately there was no chapel.
Then she ordered to take a shower and go to her.
I took a shower and came to her room which was located next to the bathroom.
I went in and saw a well-appointed room in Empire style.
She put me in the center of the room and critically looked around.

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I took out some miniature clips and hooked them to my nipples.
And snapping her tongue with satisfaction told me to go to the hall on my knees and not to raise my head.
Become a snack and lick and suck on everyone who comes close to me.
I did so.
And not for long, I stood idle.
Soon the lady came, and taking me by the head sent to her vagina.
I began to lick.
She did not like something and she hit me in the face.
I grimaced.
She hit again and turned her ass.
I ordered her to do anilingus. Sex cam sites.

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