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, I could not ask my grandmother, I was very shy.
Grandmother came holding a hot water bottle in one hand. She added a glass of olive oil to the water, and in the other hose with a large tip in the pimples (you obviously brought your sex toy without finding the usual tip), putting the closed heating pad on the table (nowhere to hang) began to spread the tip when under the cream, the pimples disappeared; she added lubricant to the anus and with a trembling hand began to press the thick spiked tip, opening the tap, and very slowly the water began to flow into the intestine due to the small difference in height between the hot-water bottle and the priests.

, noticing that the tip began to creep out, she grabbed him with an ever stronger shaking hand – either from fatigue or from nerves, but the amplitude of shaking hands increased, the water slowly flowed more than 10 minutes and then from strong vibrations of the spiked thick tip I began to choke – it was deep to breathe heavily, butt I squeezed strongly, waves of pleasant heat swept through my body and I was completely unaware of what was happening to me, it became indescribably pleasant and I squeezed several times with pressure, but it was not urine, but a white liquid unseen before. Watch free sex online movies.

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