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“Don’t worry, I won’t forget,” Lisa said.
“Well, sort of agreed, okay, I ran home,” I said, looking at my watch, “And then my future slave will lose me.”
– Come on.

And I will write to him now, let him read it while the wife is not at home, ”said Lisa with a laugh.
Saying goodbye, I went home.
While she was driving home, Lisa called me and said that she had written to my husband, to which he answered.
Thirty minutes later I was at home.
My husband was at home, he didn’t even ask where I was and why I was late, behaved as usual.
I also pretended that everything is normal.
On Friday evening I came home after work, my husband was not home yet.
While there was free time, I watched a little more video.
About seven o’clock in the evening my husband came home from work.
Sat down to have dinner.
“Sunny, I’ll be late at work tomorrow, a lot of work,” the husband said during dinner.
– Well, my dear, – I replied, – I then tomorrow, in order not to be bored alone

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at home, to Lizka, I will go to visit.
On Saturday, early in the morning, my husband in the bathtub began to cringe, he was elated, then went to work.
At the beginning of the second I began to gather.
It was summer outside. I decided to dress lightly, a white, transparent set of underwear consisting of a bra and thongs, a white sundress, and sandals on an average heel.
Having made a light make-up, I went to my friend’s house.
– I nodded.
The mahogany bow last shot up, hovered over the violin, and then gently sank onto the strings.
They issued a long melodic moan and the music fell silent.
An approving murmur and modest applause rolled through the hall.
“Thank you, gentlemen, for your visit, I solemnly declare the evening closed,” said Francis, an elderly count who was the instigator of the masquerade dance ball.
The guests hurriedly bowed out and gradually began to leave the luxurious hall.

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The majestic shine of gold, the soft crackle of the fireplace and the brilliance of polished oak parquet disposed to frank conversations, honest statements and bold statements.
And everything would be great if it were not masks of all shapes and sizes that hid the faces of the guests.
Juliet, a young lady of twenty, watched in fascination as an elderly violinist carefully laid an expensive violin in an old battered case.
At that moment, her head was filled with all sorts of nonsense, as is often the case with young windy ladies, but Juliet was not at all worried.
The violinist saw her interested eyes and smiled warmly at her.
The girl hurried to look away and if it were not for the mask, all the delayed guests would have the opportunity to see her pink cheeks.
She was embarrassed by her own frankness and often caught herself thinking that she did not notice how her inquisitive eyes were directed at strangers.
Most often on men.
God alone knew what thoughts the head of an innocent-looking Juliet visited, although she was in every way ashamed of it.
First of all, before the same god.
Regularly undergoing the rite of repentance, she reproached herself again and again for excessive depravity, although her thoughts never entered the wilds into which her entrance was cut off.
Most often, her fantasies related to passionate kisses under the moon in the wonderful and strange garden of her father.
But now, just a minute earlier, considering the violinist and his musical instrument eagerly, her thoughts were pure and chaste as never before.
She was fascinated by the game of the master and was not distracted for a second, as soon as she heard that the violinist was replacing the trumpeter or the flutist.
Having corrected loose hair the color of dark chocolate with a slight movement, she headed for the door.
But the way was blocked by a stately man in a black and gold coat, whose face, surprisingly, was hidden by a mask.
“Mademoiselle, let me have one dance with you, finally,” the stranger had a velvety voice.
The words that fell from his lips literally immediately made Juliet remember her sinful dreams and wish to kiss those lips forever.
“But the violinist is almost gone, monsieur, another time,” the girl smiled slightly, bowing her head, and took a step to the side to go around the man.
“Do you really think it can stop me?” – he laughed and put his hand in the pocket of his jacket.
Between the fingers flashed a few francs.
He quickly approached an elderly musician and thrust money at him.
The man smiled and nodded as the stranger spoke softly to him.
The man returned to Juliet, held out his hand, covered with a white velvet glove, and smiled. Watch movies sex free online.

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