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She didn’t have time to recover herself, as the creature’s muzzle hung right above her.
“You don’t seem to like me that much.”
but it is possible.

to fix.
An elusive movement of the palm, for a moment obscured the face and instead of it hangs a shawl of dusk.
Another second, and instead of a shawl, Lynx looks at her as she used to be, only her eyes remained the same, but her teeth are still too large, even for her.
– Easier? – A creature smiled at her, sitting down on her chest and pressing her to the ground.
“Nothing, my face is the last thing that should worry you right now.”
There is still the opportunity to pull the dagger voluntarily, and then the process will occur almost instantly.
But Dalya just shook her head, trying to shove the creature off of herself.
That, in turn, bent over and looked at her almost closely.
The girl turned away, she was unpleasant to look at this mask near.
All this creature was nothing more than a doll! Suddenly, Darkness did a very strange thing.
She opened her mouth and licked her captive cheek with a long snake-like tongue.
She squealed in surprise, surprise and disgust.
The mouth of something turned out to be utterly slobbering, and from there a gloomy smog oozed out, in no way felt by the skin, but at the same time delivering almost more filth than anything else.
– Shh, do not cry, sis, now it will be good.
– The voice was honeyed and inviting.
Dalya turned face to face for a second, slightly opening her mouth in surprise, and Darkness immediately took advantage of this.

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Her flexible tongue penetrated deep into the throat with lightning speed, but there was no pain or other discomfort.
Their lips joined in a sensual kiss, if you can call it that.
The girl’s eyes widened and her pupils widened a little.
This turned out to be not so disgusting as she imagined.
Exactly at that moment, when the captive flashed a little thought that it would be nice to take a sip of air, the rapist abruptly pulled away.
From the fact that her tongue left her mouth, immediately there was a feeling that something was missing.
– You see, it’s not so bad! I can be gentle when I want.
After all, I am Darkness, when there is no light, I envelop everything with my velvety arms.
– The uninvited guest purred her voice, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.
– But this is only the beginning.
So I will spend a whole week on you, it is worth speeding up the process.
You do not mind? Dalyu clasped her waist, Darkness carefully, as if in her hands an ancient vase, lifted and pressed to her.
Only now the girl noticed that her captivating heart beats, and indeed she breathes and is clearly alive.
– How.
how did you do that? She asked, shocked, staring at the ruby ??embers of the pupils.
– What? – I was surprised that.
– Kissed? – No, you made this body.
alive! – BUT! Well, yes, then, as it was before, I was not satisfied, too much of everything was based on magic, and my power, when used, distorts it, so I decided that let it be as usual.

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– Widely smiling, she replied.
– Why? Are there any problems with this? You people, on the contrary, do not like people like my hospitable hostess.
She is by the way delighted with your mouth.
– Yes of course.
– Sarcasm in these words would be enough for a few ordinary sentences.
– Hee hee, got to eat, sis.
Okay, something we digress from the main occupation.
But time is not infinite.
In the end, your friends will hunt us down, but by that moment I need you to pull this splinter out.
– Darkness frowned, grabbing Dalia by the throat with her second hand and forcing her to step back. Webcam sex vk.

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