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Having bent, leaning her hands against the wall, on either side of the hanging dildo, she began to catch him with his mouth.
Catching, she swallowed him, quite a bit, and began to move her head back and forth, sucking only the very tip.
I must say that this dildo was initially completely dry, but after a couple of minutes of mouth work, it became so

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wet that saliva was already beginning to drip onto the floor.

But it was only his end, having noticed that there was already quite a lot of natural lubrication, she began to sit on the dildo with her mouth deeper.
There was a bulging sound from the pharynx, there was a chomping of fluid in the mouth.
She managed to take it all entirely into herself, while he went down the throat, so that it was clear how her throat swelled.
By that time, the entire floor beneath her was drenched in drool, drool escaped from her mouth and flowed down her face.
Her eyes were covered with pleasure.
It was visible, from a member too greasing was emitted, with a thin thread hanging down to a floor.
What can I say, I myself had all the pants were raw from my natural lubricant.
Seen created the impression of her as a greedy whore to members.
I wanted to take a couple of photos for memory, and maybe a video to record.
Taking out the phone, not paying attention to the fact that the screen emitted light, I turned on the camera, focused and took a photo of my violator in stockings, and with a plug in the ass and a dildo in my mouth.
But damn, I forgot to remove the flash.
Seeing the flash of the camera out of the corner of my eye, the intruder immediately took the dildo out of her mouth, immediately straightened up and stared into the darkness, in my direction.
Her mouth was still dripping with drooling mucus, which at the same time was spread over almost the entire face.
With a look of light fright, which happens to a person standing in front of a cliff, she let out a stream of saliva through her teeth and asked: “Who is there?”.

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I tried to pretend that I did not see anything and only came.
Tried to act tough.
I did a step up from the wall and said: “I am the guard of this shopping center.
You actually got on a protected object.

Preface: This is a story from women’s erotic-literary duels in LJ.
I carry out: we REMOVE the TV SHOW! The director looked at the full hall, grunted with satisfaction and called the assistant over.
Did everyone sign an agreement? Can anyone choose? Everything, – the assistant answered.
– And yet not all who wanted to sign in the room fit.
Well, then let’s go.
Run niol to warm up.
Included spotlights.
The hall subsides.
Under the rhythmic music, Nicole comes on the scene – a tall, short-haired girl in a black cloak.
“The choice has gone!”, Announces the voice-over.
Niol descends into the passage.
“I will ask you to raise your little faces, and not to hide in your own knees,” – spreads around the hall.
People nervously fidget on folding chairs, operators catch frightened and excited faces into the lens.
The girl strides predatory along the rows.
A minute later, there are three on the stage: our friend in a raincoat and two spectators.
One of them is a typical teacher of about forty years old, in round glasses, with her hair pinned up in a bun and dressed in a strict skirt suit just below the knees.
The second is a very slim, very young blonde girl in a short plaid flared skirt and a white blouse.
Give a spot to Nyol, Voice orders the illuminators.
– Come on, beauty, take off your clothes! Niele confidently takes off his coat and throws it aside.
A delighted sigh rolls through the hall – a girl in the spotlight glows with a strong, trained body with rather prominent muscles, but not siphoned off like female bodybuilding.
From the clothes on her only high boots with high heels, black leather shorts and a kind of top from separate thin straps, between which you can see a high bare chest.
Time! And both of the selected victims are naked above the belt, and their hands are tied behind their backs handcuffed together.
Nicole unceremoniously feels the captives for their naked breasts and lifts their skirts in front of the camcorders aiming at the scene.
Red with shame, the “teacher” thinks only about one thing – to survive these moments of humiliation, and then.
Then, after the release of the program on the air, she will surely get married.
And even be able to choose from hundreds of candidates.
Two! “Teacher” is completely devoid of clothes, a steel retainer is inserted into her wide-open mouth, which prevents the jaws from moving. Young squirt webcam.

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