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“Young man, what do you allow yourself?” “Shut up, old goat!” Said the young man, about twenty-seven, taking out a pistol, “Let’s all have money, that is!” My husband said in a shaking voice: “Lena! Give him the money ”“ I hid them in a bag with dirty socks ”“ Well, get it! ”, The husband shouted at me.
“I get it!” “Quickly! I said! “” Why are you yelling at her goat ?! Well, quickly got up! ”My husband instantly jumped up.
His face showed that he was mortally scared.

The gangster took him by the collar and laid him face down on the table.
In the meantime, I dug in a rag bag with my dirty underwear and socks, where I hid the money, thinking that they wouldn’t be looking there.

But then I saw what surprised me: a gangster with a pistol took off his pants from my husband and cowards, can you imagine, in front of my eyes and tied my hands behind the back of my husband with a rope.
“Come on, give me that bag!” The young man ordered me.
I, of course, submitted to him, handing over the bag of dirty laundry.
“And you take off your panties, bitch!” I took off my panties for 3 seconds.

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The gangster took my underpants and pushed my husband into my mouth, then he took out my socks and put it in there and tied it up with pantyhose so that my husband could not push it out of his mouth.
After that, the gangster took the whole rag bag with the rest of my dirty socks and underwear and put it on my husband’s head, tightening it around my neck.
“Enjoy and think for now how to talk to your wife.
“Further, while my husband got to the core of the smell of my socks, the gangster took off his pants and took out a huge” buffalo “from there, which I had never seen.
This “monster” is three times the size of my husband’s pipette.
I wish I could feel it within me.
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