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The next day, the little sister did not see what she wanted and decided to conduct an experiment earlier, so that no one would interfere, having achieved her own, having seen the fountain of sperm even having tasted – whether it is sour cream or what.
When Yulia’s sister left, I saw her silhouette with a sleepy look, and immediately tried to recover myself quickly and realizing that yesterday and today there were pranks of my sister, in a hurry grabbing napkins and trying to wipe off all the splashes but did not have time, my mother woke up to go to the toilet as my sister comes out of the bath, washing the traces of her face, tells my mother – wake up the brother, and then she will wake up for so long and my mother wrapped in my room and caught me cleaning up the consequences and started hitting me again, I tried to explain what happened and what I saw, but when mine word about ive words beloved little sister – the hundredfold advantage in its favor, and seeing her at the door the malicious grin – I realized that the next morning I expect re-execution, pre-set your tablet to film after midnight and sent the – went to bed early.
Yulia again took up forced onanism, but this time I slept in advance, woke up somewhere in the middle of the process and pretending to be asleep just enjoyed it, because this time I already have a material evidence, and everything was repeated with a spanking and lengthy morality and notation, I humbly I listened and then my father turned on the recording from the tablet where all the little sister’s tricks are visible, the father sighed with relief that nothing I suspected but (blonde) my mother saw the tricks of my beloved daughter furious – oh, he was such a pervert forcing my daughter to do this and I am his profits.

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, my father and I barely persuaded my mother that I was sleeping, and Julia came to my bedroom and began to do it with the sleeping and no one forced her, but Mother really did not want to believe that her beloved daughter did this.
For the whole weekend, parents were invited overnight in another city, mom made a promise to Yulia that she would no longer do such a thing and would be locked up in her room for the night, Yulia naturally convinced Mom that it was an accident and would not happen again, they spent their parents and Yulia went walked to classmates living on the same site with us and boasted how she saw the sperm fountain, and having told everything that had happened in detail, the classmates also wanted to see and Julia said that in the morning they would call them so that the phone was kept nearby, on In the early days, they gathered in my bedroom, grabbing vibrators from their parents and gently pushing them to the penis and eggs, and their hands to the bars above their heads, their legs tied together and turned on all the vibrators, I just had a dream as if they were naked with a girl, we were riding a strongly shaking motorcycle, I came to an orgasm and the splash of my sperm sprayed my chest and even hit my face, I wake up – and in fact all the sperm were looking at me and the little girls – the neighboring girls and my sister, and my genitals are unbearably tickling the vibrators, I am burning of shame and beside himself with rage tore one of the ribbons that tied my sister’s hand, and then all ran away, and I untied

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the knots, all removed, for those bought in the store and put the lock on the door of his bedroom.
, since then I sleep peacefully.
This story is absolutely true, happened to me. Eedf live sex phpbb limited.

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