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What’s wrong with that, no one is bothering you! And if you are shy, then I will bring you in the car in the usual way, and when you get there you will change your clothes in the toilet in a new outfit, and you will go home as well.
And there let them gaze at you and drool.
– And you will not be jealous? “I know that you are my faithful wife, and the fact that all the male attention will be on you should flatter you.”

At this, our dialogue ended, and I imagining how my dear walks around the office in this form, could not concentrate at work, constantly adjusting his pants, trying in vain to cope with an erection.
She appeared in the smoking room only once, and then left after a couple of puffs, red as a cancer from her lustful looks undressing.
But coming home, we made love like rabid rabbits.
She said that they had five beautiful girls in the same form of clothes, and a couple of days later they didn’t react so wildly to them.
These girls, as I understood, appeared together with the chief from the old place of work, and were part of his local team.
On the third day, Nastya was sitting in a car some kind of detached and upset on the way home.
I asked what was the matter, what did she shrug off.
At home I split her, and she said that the chef called her his office, where he told her that he liked her for her performance, but now she will have to bring him coffee every morning at 09:00.

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00, take off her skirt and blouse and sit on his desk, climbing with his legs apart and stroking his clit and sponge until he drinks coffee.
At first I was furious, but excitement somehow overpowered anger, and I wondered how this would end.
I told her that he would not rape her, so everything is fine, but she announced that she would not withstand such humiliation and leave her tomorrow, only it would be hard to pay a car loan.
I suggested that she should not hurry herself and decide tomorrow whether she should resign.
The next day, she did not come to the smoking room, I went excited from ignorance and called her several times, but at first she didn’t pick up the phone, and then, around noon, she called herself and said in a breaking voice that everything was fine.
I asked her about her voice, and after a couple of seconds I heard a man whisper:

I have never written stories before, so I immediately apologize for the language and the phrases that I will use.
My name is Sveta.
I am 23 years old.
Not ugly and not beautiful.
Friends consider me sexy.
Why not.
Who does not attract narrow hips and wasp waist.
Breast, however, slightly pumped up.
Just the first size.
In general, when I walk past men, I very often notice lustful looks in my direction, especially if I wear something like a mini or a slinky one.
But the discussion here is not about the real me, but about the time when I was still a schoolgirl.
For these events gave rise to the awakening of sexuality in me.
I was then 12 years old.
A sort of naive little girl with pigtails, every morning hurrying to school with a big knapsack.
She studied well, but, sometimes, there were also deuces.
Parents for it, as it should be, scolded me.
Sometimes it happened to receive and strap on the ass, if it is too “guilty.”

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