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Of course, she prepared me in advance, telling that the girl can be petted in an unusual way, everything would have passed without hesitation.
And so, an inexperienced teenager, she put before the fact.
It was not easy to decide, but the desire to make her pleasant, incited by the desire to prove that I can – I will do, nevertheless has prevailed.

She lay on soft pillows and spread her legs – “Come here, do not be afraid, I will tell you what to do.”
I sat between her legs and looked at her pussy.

So close I saw her for the first time.
The tubercle is covered with sparse curls, and below it is a closed slit, with barely parted lips.
Once there, I realized that I no longer felt her “Red Moscow”, here I could clearly smell it — the smell of an excited woman.
I inhaled her scent, getting used to it, memorizing it.
A little emboldened, I stretched out my hand to my pussy, spread my fingers with my fingers and saw pale pink flesh, wet from heavy discharge.
Gathering my courage, I pressed my lips to her – what to do next, I did not know.

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In the mouth, I clearly felt the taste of her discharge and I confess honestly, I did not like the taste.
Moreover, he caused a slight emetic urge.
But I could not show disgust for Ole.
At that moment I heard her voice – “And now you lick your tongue, how well ice cream is licked.”
I moved my tongue, and she corrected – “No, not there, above, but here and more tender.
Apparently I turned out to be a good student, because after a while she stopped prompting and only stroked my head.
I was fascinated by the process, I got used to its smell, and the taste no longer seemed repulsive.
And most importantly, I realized that she was being stoned from my caresses now.
And that day, and in the future, it was the main incentive.
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