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I took an incomprehensible thing and turned it.
Like a melon, but on the one hand there was a member with a group of thickenings.
– How much is this? – the owner took this item and twisted it in his hands, looking for a price.

– I don’t know, maybe I accidentally fell, I usually remember what I’m taking, so I don’t.
Do you like it? – Well, I did not hear the price.

– Let me buy underwear from me, your size is very poorly sold, and this one.
Member, I’ll give you a bonus.
On that and decided.
I bought myself a suit in a large mesh and a pair of panties with holes.
The seller turned out to be right; my size was sustained by two suits out of twenty.
He said to come again, packed my purchases and wished a good evening.
Old pervert.
At home, I decided to do everything to remember this evening.
The first toy, maybe this is the beginning of a new journey? Apparently the day was mine, my neighbors called me to the club, but I refused, but they left, leaving me an apartment until the morning.
I washed, ate a little and locked myself in the room with shaking legs and a wet hole.

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Leaving outfits for another day, I took my new friend out of the bag.
The next inspection made me understand that he has some kind of hole and a very flexible member.
There was a handwritten instruction in the hole.
“An alien member.
To fill it with artificial sperm, put some water and butter in your mouth and pour this mixture into the hole.
Leave for fifteen minutes.
(further drawings how to do it).
During ejaculation a member will begin to twitch and shake – this is normal.
I wish you a pleasant stay.
“I thought that the seller had really lost a lot of time by giving me this tricky device almost for free.
Running down to the kitchen, I did everything I needed according to the instructions.
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