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After reviewing them, he noticed information about the library.
“Very interesting, and what happened here?” He got up and pressed the button of his floor – work first.
“This document confirms the permission of the library administration to open an underground casino in the basement room” – Daniel slowly read a few pages that Jane left in the elevator.

“An underground casino in the basement of the library? What kind of nonsense and how is Jane related to this? Okay, maybe I’ll see her in the elevator. ”
“I need to have the courage and go ask him about it,” one single thought was spinning in her head.
And this thought was about the documents she had left in the elevator, running away from drunk Daniel.
She walked to the elevator door and pressed a button.
The booth slowly crawled down from the fifteenth floor.
After a couple of minutes, a crowd gathered around the elevator to go upstairs, and Daniel was among them, but Jane did not notice him, plunging deeply into her thoughts.
A couple of floors later, the stall cleared and Daniel was left alone with the girl.
She seemed not to notice him.
He decided to cough slightly so as not to frighten her.
– KH, good evening, Jane.
How are you? The girl came out of the mental stupor and timidly looked at him: – Hello, everything is fine.
Although, maybe not all is well.
I lost very important documents and wanted to ask, are they by any chance with you? If I don’t find them by the end of the

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week, they can fire me.
– What is so important in these documents that you can be fired for them? – I do not think that I can tell you about it, especially after what you did yesterday.
– the girl turned red.
– I hope nothing bad? Although, judging by your face, you would hardly blush without a reason.
Can you tell me what I did? I remember nothing.
The girl blushed even more: – I am not sure that I can tell about it.
“Yes, what the hell have I done?” “V-you tried to make me a cunlinus,” she shyly covered her eyes with her hand.

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– Opanki, and you did not like it? – he was filled with different feelings.
Tenderness from her reaction, surprise and curiosity from what happened.
– It is hard to say.
After meeting you, drunk, in the elevator, I basically have a lot of emotions.
On top of that, I need the documents I left.
– Very interesting.
And how are you related to these documents? “Sir, do you speak as if you have them?” – Maybe.
“I remember leaving you and the documents in the elevator.”
In the morning, going to work, I was afraid to meet you face to face and went down the stairs – a long way, you know.
The incomprehensible situation slightly unnerved Daniel.
On the one hand, he could persuade a girl to have sex in seconds, blackmailing him with papers, and on the other hand, he wanted it to be her desire to sleep with him.
Deep in thought, he did not notice how the girl came out.
– Sir, I understand how these documents are important to you and the library.
You gave me time until the end of the week.
I will bring them.
If not, you can safely dismiss me.
Jane walked nervously around the apartment.
“I need to get a clear answer from him, and then turn to the reception, maybe he didn’t pay attention to the papers and someone else brought them there,” this thought seemed very attractive to the girl.
Pulling on a strange sweater and faded jeans, Jane went to the penthouse.
Hearing the doorbell, Daniel was slightly surprised – he did not expect anyone.
His surprise increased at times when he saw Jane on the threshold.
“Sir, I understand that I should have warned you about my visit, but I need a sane answer.”
Do you have documents? – Hello, dear, come.
You don’t want to tell me why you have these documents, is there any sense for me to meet you? – Alright I will say.
I am an ordinary courier.
I was sent with these documents to sign to some very rich man.
I had to do it the day after your meeting with me, but I could not – there were no documents.
If you don’t have them, then I’ll just ask at the reception if someone can put them there.
– Jane, the situation is as follows.
I have the documents.
When I woke up in the elevator, I collected them and read at work on a fresh mind.
Do you know what’s in them? – No, I’m telling you, I’m just a courier.
– Why exactly you? “Because,” the girl hesitated.
The man slapped his hand hard on the wall.
– You have a choice.
Either you tell me why you are the courier, not Lucy, for example, or I’ll pull it out with you.
I know you don’t really want intimacy with me.
– I am a courier, because I was promised good money and a promotion for work, – as the girl blurted out.
– Slightly hard to believe that you do not want so much intimacy with me, well, okay. Indian sex free online videos.

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