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Meanwhile, her head dropped and climbed on his trunk, and he fucked her in the sucking mouth; after a while, Oleg lost control and shot a charge of sperm in her mouth, and she swallowed everything to the drop.
The driver, Magamed, was a 40-year-old Azerbaijani.
He (like me, by the way) was massaging his crotch, watching Sonya suck Oleg’s.

When Sonya swallowed Oleg’s last drop of sperm, Katya invited her to change places with me and eliminate Magamed’s discomfort.
We quickly changed places in a taxi.
It was the beginning of Sunday and quite cold, so there were very few cars and there were no pedestrians at all.
As soon as Sonya moved to the front seat, Katya asked Magamed if he wanted to see the tits of a young Russian female.
Then she ordered Sonia to show him her beautiful tanned chest.
Sonya threw off her coat, quietly undid the buttons on her blouse and the front fastener of her bra.
She turned to him and widely opened her blouse and bra, exposing her body to the taxi driver.
He first stretched one and then the other hand, and began to stroke her nipples and breasts.
At our request, she lifted her ass from the seat and, lifting her skirt to the waist, took off her panties.
Now her tits and pussy were open to his eyes, her knees were spread apart, allowing him to see her brilliant pink slit.
She was extremely humiliated, being used as a thing, humiliated in the dirtiest way.
I ordered her to move her hips closer to him and use her fingers to spread her cunt lips to show him how disgusting she was.
When she did, Magamed dropped his hand down and put his finger in it.
He made a rotational movement with his finger, feeling her moisture, and she leaned back, raising her pussy closer to him, making it easier for him to access her female womb.
He pulled his fingers out of her and brought them closer to her beautiful lips in lipstick so that she could lick them clean.

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Then Sonya unbuttoned his pants, taking out his trimmed member.
Sitting in the back seat, we could not observe what she was doing, bending over his crotch.
We only heard her smacking and sucking sounds and his moans from the pleasure that she brought to his male pride.
It took quite a bit of time, and he pressed her head down and, holding her tightly in that position, shouted, calling her a whore and ordering you to swallow everything, enjoy his sperm, gave your hips up and discharged into her throat.
When they finished, we returned Sonya to the back seat so that she and Katya would take a deep French kiss, giving the latter an opportunity to taste the sperm of an unfamiliar man too.
As soon as Magamed came to his senses, we again set off.
Driving a car, he expressed admiration for how we drive our women and how we subject them to such an incredible humiliation.
We forced Katya to unbutton her blouse and bra, and also show him her body.
At each traffic light on the way to the dacha, he turned back and massaged the huge hemispheres of her chest.
Upon arrival, we parted with him.
Upon entering the house, Oleg decided that Katya and I should get more pleasure, since he and Sonya had a good time during the trip in the taxi.
In their bedroom, we gladly again changed into comfortable silk pajamas.
For some time we kissed and caressed each other, after which we ordered Kate to kneel, dropping her face down.
Sonya stood behind her and began to lick her slit, tracing her tongue from the clitoris to the hole.
She skillfully worked tongue in every corner of Katya’s big gap, licking and penetrating the tongue as deeply as she could.
She licked her pussy, played with her clit and sank the tongue in her ass.
She brought Katya to orgasm, after which I took the place of Sonya.
No matter how large Katya was, Oleg still could never have penetrated her ass with his fat cock.
Although my penis was not small (over 15 cm) and thin, it was still much thinner than Oleg.
Since he himself could not do this, he would like to see Katya fucking another man in the ass.
for example me.
The hole of her priests was already prepared in Sony’s language, I lubricated my trunk with a lubricant and slowly began to penetrate it.
I inserted the head of the penis into her hole, waited a little until she got used to the sensations, and then slowly put it in her ass until I plunged completely into her rectum.
I began to move slowly, quickly building up the pace, and soon I was already fucking her tight ass with all my strength.
I gouged her ass, and

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Oleg and Sonya demanded that I fuck this healthy whore in the ass harder, and soon I was discharged in the depths of her ass. Jessicahoney bongacams.

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